Friday, August 1, 2008

Big girl panties

so, to be honest, im shocked to have several comments on day one... enough to make me do a second post. Oh boy! Thanks to Jenny and Gina for leaving a comment- it only fuels the fire. And of course, thanks, Steve! Im charging the new re-chargable batteries for our camera (the old ones allowed us to take exactly 2 pics and then we were outta luck. So, hopefully, pics to follow.

Today's highlight BIG GIRL PANTIES. Yep, glamourous! Olivia behaved well all morning when she found out if she obeyed mommy, princess big girls were on the way. We arrived at Target after a good workout at the Y and made a bee-line to the toddler underwear section (passed it a million times w/out a second glance.) Well, who knew you can get underwear w/ any cartoon character on them?

She told several strangers in Target (men, women, employees, other kids...) "look, I got big girl panties." Nice modesty- who is your mom??. I explained to her all the way home how these work;
"Okay, Olivia- once you have these on, all tinkles and poopies HAVE to go in the potty, got it?" (It's true, I now say tinkles and poopies). "YES!YES!" eagerly came from the backseat. We got home, she marched in & announced that she had tinkles, went to the bathroom, climbed on the pot and immediately put her tinkles and poopies in the potty;
"I'm ready for the princess panties now." What the heck? If I had known that was the magic charm we would have done that months ago.

I know, I know... accidents will happen (I learned that from Elmo!) and I'm ready for them. But I'll take it one poop at a time.

Oh, and not to be left out- Turner tried his first jar of baby food today (he's been on cereal for a few weeks) Verdict- not a squash fan. We'll let daddy see if he can do any better tonight :)

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