Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the bug scream

So, when I was little, my granny coined a phrase for me and it was what she liked to call, my "spider scream". It included all bugs, spiders, bees, flying things, ones that lived in the dirt, hairy, slimy or dirty. It was a blood-crudling, someone must have lost an eye or limb kind of scream. I'm not really proud of it, but do own up to it.
So fast-forward to motherhood. Great- I get to be the adult here. Hold my composure and not go running in circles when a bee comes my way.
Yesterday we were playing in the backyard (which mind you is merely a patch of grass in the middle of Downtown Dayton, not exactly the great outdoors.) Olivia spotted this thing on the fence and called me over. It was the BIGGEST dang grasshopper I've ever seen.
O: "What's that mama?"
Brave Mommy: "It's a really big grasshopper."
O: "What's it doin?"
Brave Mommy: "Sittin' on our fence. Wanna touch it?"
O: "No. You touch it!"
Brave Mommy: "I don't wanna touch it. You touch it. It won't sting you, I promise."
O: "Nooooo.... YOU touch it."
Brave Mommy: "Fine, if you're gonna be a baby about it, I'll touch it."
(not one of my prouder moments as a parent.) FYI.... moments after the picture, the monster grasshopper hopped off and I didn't have to touch it :)

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bebe said...

you mean there is no one reading this blog who didn't know E back in 'the day' i.e. bug scream period oxaagWhere the heck are her family reasders?