Friday, August 8, 2008

adoption frustration

I knew that adopting a child from another country (particularly China) would not be easy. We've heard enough stories and seen several friends go through the process to know that it's not a walk in the park. Steve and I decided to try and put a significant dent in the process during July so that when things get rolling at UD mid-August we have a lot of the Home Study finished (happy to report, we have!) Without going into too many boring and probably unwanted details, I'll just say there has been one piece of the puzzle that has worried me from the get go.

Beginning in April there were some changes made to the process of adopting from certain countries. Of course, China being one of them. The US government wants proof from both adopting parents that you are not a child abuser-- from EVERY state and foreign country you've lived in since the age of 18. No biggie (we are not child abusers and we have not lived in THAT many places) but when I told our social worker we both lived several years in China she let out an "oh, boy."

Not encouraging. If you've ever been to China or tried to go through any kind of Chinese red tape, you can clench your teeth through the cuss word with me! Even a simple trip to the bank over there is enough to make you wanna pull your hair out. So good luck getting a paper that says you are not a child abuser from a country/government that doesn't have a child abuse registry. So, thank you, Uncle Sam for asking for the impossible. If you are inclined to pray (as we are) please pass one along.

We believe we have been called to this thing called adoption and therefore God is the one that needs to make the impossible, possible. I am so not good at putting my worries and my skepticism in His hands. So, here goes the ride, weeeeeee....

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Traci said...

E, I totally hear and understand your frustration (I really, REALLY, don't like the Hague). We'll pray for you getting around the red tape of you know how long it will take?

We had to get child abuse checks for Idaho (me), Florida, Rhode Island, and for us, the most frustrating was getting the check for Herman for New York.

We sent in all the checks about a month and a half ago, and just last week got clearance from NY and RI.

Bleh. Hang in there!