Saturday, August 23, 2008

saturdays with a family

Once upon a time my ideal Saturday included sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00 (today the wake-up call was 6:30 from Turner who is getting his 2 front teeth.) I would get up, roll out to the coffee pot and enjoy a steamy cup 'o joe while watching the Today show (now I drink decaf and for some odd reason the Today show has been coming on at 7 rather than 8).
I would then shove off to the gym for a nice work out (I did get to my spinning class this morning, thankfully!) after that: the sky was the limit. When I lived in NYC I would go to flea markets, stroll neighborhoods, pop in and out of cool trendy stores, meet up with friends for lunch etc etc. Since being married, my Sat. mornings pretty much have looked the same but then Steve and I would split up for what ever we wanted to do and then meet back up and do something fun in the evening (about 3 years ago we started attending our Church's Saturday evening service.) But more often then not we would grab one of our friends and we would go out to dinner after the service.
Did I mention in my previous entry that I used to be fun??? Oh, those were the days. At least all that stuff was fun to me.
Since kids have entered the picture...well, look at my Saturday afternoon "fun" today. In that pile of laundry includs 7 pairs of Princess big girl panties, way too many onsies that Turner yucked up in some way shape or form that I won't go into here and some old stretched out tighty whities~'ya just can't teach an old dog new tricks if you know what I mean. I'm thinking in about a decade I'll be fun again :)

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JRT said...

I got Ryan some boxer briefs for Christmas and they are NICE. Just what you needed to know, right? :)
I relive those NYC memories all the time--I know what you mean!! Can just FEEL walking out of 22 St. and turning the corner to Gramercy, Village, SoHo, ChiaTown.