Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please follow me

To the substitute blog I have to have while we are in China! Because this here blog will be blocked, I have set up a temporary blog that I can access and update while we are away. I'll be back here when we get back August 5th. is the link. Just click here, add it to your favorites (boy, have I gotten pushy or what?!) and follow along! My new posts will be under journal. I'm going to start posting from there tonight and then update frequently with pictures and even videos if I can manage. (Don't hold your breath.)

Thanks for jumping on this exciting adventure with us... I'll meet you back here in two weeks!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The long awaited, much anticipated

hair post.

It's a bit humid here today (always an excuse) and I find that my hair isn't laying quite as nicely as I'd like (just ask my husband, I made him take about 20 shots to get these that I could live with.)

Oh for the love of Pete, when did my chin get so pointy? Its always something, isn't it?

Anyhow, I was laying in bed a few nights ago, unable to sleep. (Not an uncommon thing for me.) This time it was more due to a good kind of anxiety over our trip. What to pack, what to leave behind, you know, stuff like that. And I had a brilliant thought.

With the unfortunate break up of my beloved John and Kate (of John and Kate Plus 8) I've decided Steve and I could have our own reality tv show. And as of August 3rd we could have a sweet name for it, "Steve and E Plus 3." Okay, so it lacks a bit of creativity but stick with me on this one.

An up close and personal look at our lives. My CVSing (like Kate, I also enjoy free stuff and perks- like my new stylist who put me on her friends and family list where I can get dos like this for almost Nil.) I can snap at Steve like the best of 'em. Although I have read the book "Love and Respect" and think I have found where the Gosselin marriage *may have* gone awry. I'm working on my snaps. We go on fun family outings that I'm sure would make for great episodes. Remember that zoo membership we never used?!
I also could use a tummy tuck. I didn't have 6 kids swimming around in there at one time, but I have been experiencing FunnelQuest '09 which definitely lends itself to tuck tuck here and a tuck tuck there.

Oh, and did I mention my hair? I'm pretty sure it's going to make me a national icon soon.

Yeah, I guess you're right, Steve and E plus 3 would be boring as crap. But who would have thought the Duggars would be such a hit? Perhaps I should fore go the next haircut (or 20) and find a denim jumper instead. I guess keeping this blog is the next best thing. If TLC calls while I'm away, tell them I'll be back soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The American Dream

Okay, so I know I promised a picture of my new "do" but I have not quite gotten around to getting a front and back shot for your viewing pleasure. Do check back soon and I'll see if I can hook you up!

We were up at my parents for the weekend. BeBe and Paw's is always a fun time. It was great to see them. Really crazy to think that the next time we hit north on I-75 it will be with the 5 of us. Where we'll stuff everyone once we get there is another story... guess we'll tackle that when the time comes.

On our way home yesterday, we went past my Alma mater, BGSU. (The claim to fame for Bowling Green, OH is that its the home of the National Tractor Pulling Contest. Oh, and the home of Scott Hamilton.) Both of which are incredibly prestigious and it's a real shame Bowling Green State University has not yet been declared an Ivy League. I told Steve, if I could have a re-do it would probably not include 4 years spent between windy, freezing corn fields. But I digress.

As we zoomed past we noticed EASILY 500 RV's in several parking lots near the football "stadium" (I use that word loosely as there are high schools with greater attendance on the weekends). We had a nice chuckle and speculated for awhile about what might be going on. As we continued heading south we noticed a lot, no really, A LOT of RV's heading toward BG. I began to count. We had already passed several dozen before I started counting, then I counted for about a half hour and got to 80. Then I decided to quit. We easily passed well over 100 RV's.

We got home and the fist thing I made Steve do was get online and find out what is going on. (We have the spiritual gift of speculation, but that only gets you so far before a person has to know what is REALLY going on.) Well, just as I suspected, there is a convention of RV owners and an RV show this week. Weeeee.... over 1,200 RV families were expected. And we passed 10% of them on the road.

I'm pretty sure we'll never own an RV. I get in the car on the way to Target and I'm already asking, "Are we there yet?" Taking to the open road in a house on wheels is definitely NOT my dream. The Travel Channel is more my speed!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, the bags are packed we're about to load the car and take the 2 1/2 hour ride to my mom and dad's for the weekend. A little calm before the storm. Its the last time our little family of 4 will make the trip to Toledo.

I realize my blog has taken a turn for the heavy as of late. For those of you who tune in for a laugh and more importantly, an update on FunnelQuest '09, sorry to disappoint! I vow to return with silly antics, pointless stories and things that at least make me laugh!

Also, I got a cool new haircut this week (from my very own STYLIST, who by the way just got at job at the swankiest salon in our town...just got featured on MSNBC.) Good job, Aimee!!! She's gonna put me on her friends and family list at the salon and I'll get to go to Square One for FREE. (stuff like that never happens to me.) I'll post pics soon (before it gets all grown out and looking not as great.)

Well, gotta go drop off the dog at the kennel and hit the road. Have a great weekend (eat a funnel cake for me tomorrow, not sure I'm gonna be able to scrounge one up tomorrow) Please forgive me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stress relief

I'll tell you what, I'm only 37 but this past month my body has revolted on me! I've had some horrendous nights of sleep the past 2 nights and today I've concluded its my body's revenge on all the stress I've been carrying around. So thanks to my amazing husband, I took the morning "off", headed to a coffee shop and spent some much needed time with Jesus. All I can say is "Ahhh..." I guess I could also say, "Wish I had a re-do with that lady at the Greene the other day" but whatever.

Because I'm a firm believer in why re-invent the wheel, I'm just going to share with you a bit of an entry from my journal. While I hesitate to be so transparent with some of you who are strangers, many of you are my good friends and I want you to know where I really am in my heart as far as this whole adoption goes. So bear with me!

"Lord, I release my fears to you.
- I am afraid I'm in over my head
- I am afraid Turner will be lost in the shuffle
- I am afraid Turner will be resentful
- I am afraid Quinn won't bond with us
- I am afraid of the medical stuff with Quinn
- I am afraid I won't have the patience for 3 kids
- I am afraid of my own routine changing
- I am afraid I can't do this
- I am afraid my body will hurt in China
- I am afraid of what it will be like to bring Quinn home
- I am afraid having 3 will be too hard
- I am afraid of no sleep for the next several months
- I am afraid of jet lag with a kid who is freaking out
- I am afraid something bad will happen to the kids while we're away
- I am afraid of Quinn not fitting in
- I am afraid it won't be picture perfect
- I am afraid I wont be able to go and work out anymore
- I am afraid we'll die and the kids will be left alone

Lord, I give these fears to you, instead of carrying them around inside of me. I ask that you would bear my burdens. Your yolk is easy and your burden is light. Will you please trade me?
So everyone keeps saying, "You must be so excited to go and get Quinn." Every time I feel a bit of guilt because although, yes I'm excited, I'm also nervous as heck. For all of the reasons above. Shouldn't I be beside myself to meet my son? And I am, its just also countered by my fear. So, please, release me Lord. "

The journal entry goes on (and on... I had a nice hour and a half... and a good cup of coffee!) but that was really where I've been living. I won't say I'm totally done with worry, but as I left the coffee shop, I realized the tension headache I woke up with this morning was gone! I feel like I have done business with God and I am now ready to go!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Houston, we have a problem

Frankly, yesterday was not one of our better days. About somewhere in the morning time I realized, I'd like a break from MYSELF. Hmmm... that doesn't bode well, cuz, goodluckwiththat. While I am beside myself with excitement over this whole leaving for China to get a new kid thing, I'm pretty much consumed with it. Its all I think about, all I spend my time doing, and even all I blog about these days.

Well... I guess my two current kids were trying to help me get my eyes off myself yesterday. It was meltdown city around here. Now, I realize Turner is coming off an ear infection (and honestly, I'm not convinced he's actually feeling better, given the course of events yesterday) and his sister got to reap the fruits of over indulgent with a sick little brother around. But yesterday's behavior by my two loves was utterly ridiculous.

We were to meet our friends at the Greene (our version of the outdoor shopping town center) complete with daily live music near the fountain area where kids love to strip down to their skivvies and run, shriek and get wet. I had a few errands to do for the trip so we headed down a half hour early so I could knock those out before the fun started.

We didn't even break the threshold of the first store when Turner started WAILING. The kind of screaming and crying that makes people's head spin off their shoulders because they are sure they are going to see blood and guts. Yep, we stayed in that store exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

On to the second store. Yeah, right. Ok, with a real smooth parenting move we went straight to the fountains. I just can't take the screaming. (It's been going on since Friday.) He managed to have a miserable time for the next 35 minutes. Scream, crying, laying on the ground pounding his fists. I tried holding him, putting him down, getting him a drink, a snack, I tried speaking kindly, firmly, not at all. Finally I just gave up and let him have his tantrum.

A lady approached me. (I feared she may be with family services) and commented on Turner (who wouldn't). I had noticed earlier she had a *few* kids herself (later found out there were 8 of them.) Clearly she had seen us.. and heard us. After about 15 seconds of chit chat she says to me, "Has anyone ever shared the Gospel with you?"

OH MY GOODNESS! The first thought that ran through my head was, did I look like that bad of a mom. This woman thinks I'm lost (which CLEARLY I am, and OBVIOUSLY I need Jesus!!! I'm not saying I don't) Its just the irony of the whole event is that I had to tell her that I am in FULL TIME CHRISTIAN MINISTRY.

Pretty much wanted to crawl under a rock and die there. But it was super helpful at the same time. After she left, I prayed silently to myself and confessed my sin- of impatience with my kids. Later that night Steve and I prayed together... this adoption trip has brought us to the end of ourselves this week. We've been mean to each other, to the kids and we've started relying on our own strength (we've turned into complete stress balls.)

So, while I wish that lady would have come over and simply offered prayer for me as she saw me in need (actually a GREAT reminder to me and how I approach people I deem as "lost") I do think God used her in my life. I feel like I am back on track- at least for the moment- and I'm just hoping there is a great attitude shift in my kids today. I really could use that!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travel Plans

Last night after a long and eventful day, Steve and I checked our email and found our in country travel itinerary for the adoption trip to China. We've been anxious to get these plans for several reasons. One, it makes it really real. Two, we love to check out the places we'll be staying. And three, we needed to let my friend Lisa know where we're staying in Xi'an so she and Gary can arrange their stay with us.

Well, this is it. This is the Tianyu Gloria Plaza Hotel. Its a 4-star and looks like it will suit us just fine.
Here is the pool. Of course I have us lounging around and then I remember, oh yeah, we're picking up a nearly 2 year old boy. And if he's ANYTHING like Turner there will be no lounging to be had. It looks like a nice pool though and hopefully Quinn will like to take a dip.

After we meet Quinn on Sunday there will be variety of official stuff we need to do Monday- Thursday. Lots of paperwork and appointments to keep. We did find out that we are not allowed to go to the orphanage. I'm sad about that. I was hoping to see where Quinn grew up and take pictures. But then again, for me sometimes ignorance is bliss. (Lame, I know!)
On Friday evening we will be flying to Guang Zhou in southern China. There we will stay at Victory hotel. I did just enough investigation to be dangerous but not enough to be informed. That's pretty much a window into me.

Nearly everyone who adopts from China stays at a hotel called the White Swan. I had heard good things about Victory and thought I'd go the road less traveled by. Now I may have a tad bit of regret. Although it looks lovely, it is called a "historic" hotel. Ummm... I'm reading really old and really small rooms. Crap. There is a nice outdoor swimming pool here as well.

We will be seperated from our agency travel group (there are 6 other families picking up their kids at the same time as us) and since we are skipping the Bei Jing part of the trip we are already behind the eight ball as far as relationship building.

I am hoping that this choice ends up being a good one. We are within walking distance to the White Swan.

One really fun thing about our trip to Guang Zhou is that our friends Bryan and Cheryl will be joining us. They have been living in Bei Jing for a year now and they are good friends of ours. They are going to stay at our hotel with us and that will make it really fun!! So we will not be alone/isolated.

Saturday we have a bunch of meetings, Quinn has a medical exam, Sunday is a day off and Monday we have an appointment at the Consulate for official stuff. Tuesday we wrap up adoption stuff and Wednesday we head back to the US.

Let the games begin!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

House of pain

I walked thru my kitchen this afternoon and did a double take. This is seriously what I saw. I laughed out loud. We tend to be an unusually healthy bunch around here... but you would never know that this week!
I mean seriously the only one around here who is "normal" is Olivia. Hmmm.
Since Steve got back from his trip to China on June 8th, he's been battling a staph infection. He thinks he got it from shaving, cutting himself and rinsing with Chinese tap water. We love all things Chinese. But the water there, not so much. As a result, Steve has had to go in to the dermatologist twice to get boils lanced. Huge, nasty drippy boils. He's been on 3 different antibiotics and we're hoping he's kicked it this time.
Well, you know me and my shoulder issues. I've already been to the chiropractor 3 times with another 6 scheduled before I get on that 14 hour flight (don't let that fool 'ya though... it's gonna take a full 24 hours door to door.) So far there's been a small improvement but I'm still on a steady dose of Ibuprofen. Steve still has a few left over V*cadin from his "other procedure" that I've considered taking, but I'm afraid I'll turn into Michael Jackson.
And yesterday was a real downer with Turner. He had a VERY high fever starting Thursday night and it stayed 103-104 pretty consistently for 24 hours. Finally about 8pm last night as thoughts of Swine Flu danced through my head, Steve took Turner and headed off to Children's Hospital. There we found out that instead of swine flu he has an ear infection. He's now on a steady dose of Children's Motrin, Tylenol, ear drops and antibiotics (not to mention Pedialyte.)
Oh my word! What a mess. All I know is that I'd much rather be dealing with this 2 weeks before we head out rather than a few days before we leave or worse yet, while we are away. I did have to laugh last night as I was panicking about Turner. The thought crossed my mind, "We are about to travel half way around the world to pick up a kid that we KNOW has medical needs and I'm freaking out over an ear infection. What in the world have I gotten myself into?" I'm not exactly a cool cucumber. But I have been getting my practice the past few weeks! I just may need those V*cadin yet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 26th, 2009

A big day for our family. We just found out tonight that will be our GOTCHA DAY. Don't worry if you're not familiar with that term (I just informed Steve what it means). It is a beloved word in adoption circles meaning the day you meet and "get" your child. Since many children can't really celebrate a true birthday, some families more concentrate on GOTCHA DAY. In true Koproski (formerly known as Printki) form, we'll celebrate both. *more opportunity for cake.* We got an email from our agency coordinator letting us know we will meet Quinn on Sunday (we will arrive in his orphanage city on Friday.)

One more crazy thing... my best friend, Lisa, who will be training to Xi'an to be there with us for our "Gotcha Day" will be celebrating her BIRTHDAY that day. So this trip to see us and meet Quinn is kinda like her birthday present. And now will forever share a link to our son. I'm telling you, I couldn't write a post as amazing as this adoption story is turning out to be :)

Reality Check

Guess what adoption means? It means you're actually getting a kid. Oh, crap!

A little late to be realizing THAT, huh? Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more thrilled about leaving to meet and bring home Quinn two weeks from today. But I guess along with the countdown comes a reality check.

Things around here have been going pretty well lately. We're in what you might call a good groove. And we're about to turn that good groove on its head. You know what? I really like good grooves.

I remember the same thing happened when my due date with O came (and went). The night before she was due I sat in her room and cried. You see, I'm not one for change. I don't do so well. I usually like it once its here (or at least embrace it even if I don't necessarily like it) but prior to change I can get myself really worked up. The day before Turner was due, I sat in his room and cried (and then 8 days later, life actually changed... but I'm not bitter). You see, life was in a good groove then too.

I'm not exactly sure where I'll go to cry the night before we get on the plane for China (we're fresh outta rooms) but I'm sure I will. And you know what, that's okay. Because even though the good groove's gonna go to pot for awhile; an even better groove will take its place (at least it always has in the past.)

So what if Quinn may not like me when he meets me? (although Olivia assures me he will. She told me the other day, "Of course he'll like you! You're a GREAT Mama." So sweet!) So what if he is nearly 2 and drinking out of a bottle? (shivers are running down my spine as we speak) So what if he doesn't understand English? (The way Olivia runs her mouth he'll be fluent in a week.) So what if there is sibling rivalry? (What kind of family would we be without it?) So what if I can't put him in Church or the Y childcare for months? (All the more time to bond with each other.)

There are so many pessimistic ways to look at the change about to rock my world (I'm really a glass half empty kinda person as much as I hate it!) but what I'm focusing on today, right now, is the joy of this adoption! The life (lives) that will be changed. The adventure that we are about to begin as a family. The privileged that we have to bring Quinn into our family. So many positives.

Please feel free to remind me of all that when you find me in a heap bawling my eyes out in the corner of some room the evening of July 22nd, thankyouverymuch!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A real pain in the neck.

I was going to do a post yesterday morning, but I had an appointment at the chiropractor (Steve likes to call him the Quakopractor.) We took O there when she was 6 months old. She only looked to the right whenever she slept and as a result of that, had a flat head. Upon a referral of a friend, we took her and after adjusting her neck she began looking both ways when she slept! Crazy. Then he worked to "re-shape" her skull. It worked pretty well but she screamed and cried so much that close to her first birthday we quit going because a round head wasn't worth all the screaming and tears I had to fight. Now that she has hair, you'd never even notice!

Well, when my shoulder began to hurt about a month ago I figured I had injured it in a kickboxing or Pilate's class. I took a week off of working out and realized that didn't help a bit. Last week I couldn't even make it through my Zumba workout (I sat in the locker room and cried, it hurt so bad AND I've never had to duck out early from a work out b/c of pain in my life.) I decided I needed to see someone.

I opted for the chiropractor over a "regular" doctor b/c I thought I'd rather give the natural route a shot before someone wanted to operate on me or something. While I'm still a pretty big skeptic, I have to say, I've been impressed.

He took scans and x-rays and measurements (maybe he is a quack, but he's an impressive quack if he is) and basically he told me my neck is all screwed up and so is my mid to lower back. He did my first adjustment (and several hours afterward I felt like I had been in a car accident) but today, my shoulder is feeling pretty good. Not totally pain free but definitely better. I went to Pilate's and completed it with very little discomfort. I have to go 9 times before we leave for China in 2 weeks. AND our insurance doesn't do such a good job of covering it, but hey, I'll pay anything to have it feel better.

THEN I was going to write a post during naps yesterday, but I got sucked into the MJ Memorial Service. Had I known it was going to be 3 hours of boring, I would have skipped it!

And FINALLY I was going to write a post last night after the kids were in bed, but I couldn't because I was out living my Birthday present from Steve. We went to dinner with our friends Ed and Amy and from there we all went to the Diana Krall concert. Steve and I have a few of her CD's and enjoy her music! It was an outdoor venue and we had lawn seats (not so great for my post-adjustment self, oh well.)

So here I am now, during naps. And although I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs (not suppose to be a nap time activity for a certain 3 year old princess) I'm biding my time 'till we have to load up in the van for my next chiropractor visit. Pretty much I'm going to set the van on auto pilot from now until we leave for China! Can you hear Steve quacking from there??

Monday, July 6, 2009

God Bless America!

It was great to celebrate the Independence of our country this weekend. I'm pretty sure there is no other country on God's green earth whereby a girl can launch Funnel Quest '09 and actually have a shot at succeeding. Ahhh... my country 'tis of thee, SWEET land of Liberty... to thee I sing.

While no actual funnel cakes were harmed during the making of this blog, I did want it to be known to you, the reader, that had I chosen to exercise my right to indulged, I could have. Maybe next week. (Not just bless the US, but bless the Midwest. I'm not sure Funnel Quest '09 would be the rip roaring success if I lived in New England.)
City Folk Festival (a mere stone's throw from our house) was a blast. There was all kinds of entertainment AND it was free. It was a three day festival and since we went on the last day, the crowds were small and it was a fun time for all of us.

Turner REALLY loves music and was enthralled by a Celtic band. Steve got T-bone front and center and apparently he didn't budge. I guess he was a huge hit as lots of other festival goers got a kick out of how attentive he was.

I wouldn't know because I spent nearly ALL of my time in the dance tent with Olivia. There was a Latino band playing tons of salsa music. When we first arrived we were 2 of 8 people on the dance floor. (Oh, how I would have died at the thought of that in a former life.) But now, I will do just about anything to see my kids happy. And boy was she happy! It took her about 7 minutes to loosen up and then she didn't need me. Not only didn't she need me, she didn't even know there was another sole on the dance floor. She was in the zone.
It was the sweetest thing I may have witnessed in her short 3 year old lifetime. There were probably 200 chairs set up as the audience (with 3/4 of them full) and did she dance for them.
Turner finally showed up for some dance floor fun. He was a little unsure about getting his groove on by himself, but he loved dancing with his mama.
Thank goodness for all of those Zumba hours I've logged in, it gave me a few steps in my arsenal. Without that I would have only had my '80's high school dance moves to fall back on. And you KNOW how good those must've been. By the time we left (45 minutes later) I was dripping with sweat and Olivia was kicking and screaming because she didn't want to stop doing "ballet." I now have to make good on some ballet lesson promises.
After all that dancing I should have gone ahead and had that funnel cake afterall.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I love a parade

Happy Birthday America!

It just might be a miracle, but this is the best family shot we've ever gotten. This is us on our way to the neighborhood parade. But here is the catch, WE were the parade.

We live in a historic neighborhood and one of the really sweet traditions (32 years this year) is a "New Orleans" style parade where people decorate bikes, hats, wagons, pretty anything that will let you and then march through the neighborhood. The funny thing is that most of the neighbors are in the parade so very few people are along the route.
Everyone meets up at the park and "decorates" for the festivities. Streamers, hats and kazoos provided. (Those kazoos are STILL annoying me.)
The organizers thought the parade needed a mascot this year (???) When entering the neighborhood you'll find a pair of stone lions greeting you; so, naturally, they thought the mascot should be a lion. Well, looks like they went low budget when picking out a costume! Check out the look on Turner's face. He wouldn't let the lion out of his sight. (Can you blame him?) What's even funnier is that underneath the lion outfit is the Sports Editor of the Dayton Daily News (he lives about 7 houses away from us.)
These neighbors always enter this float in the parade. HILARIOUS!!! It takes all kinds.
Here's us coming (notice, we brought up the rear with the lion... and the grand finale... the Ice Cream Man.
And here's us going.

After the parade route (it MIGHT have taken us 20 minutes to walk around the neighborhood) one neighbor grilled up hot dogs for everyone. (Nice technique, O- note the pinkie finger up.)
A city Fire Engine led the parade (must've been a slow fire day) and after hot dogs they let the kids sit in the driver's seat. I think Turner had a good time, too.

Then each person got a ticket for a free treat from the Ice Cream Man. A good time was had by all and although I make fun of living in Ohio a lot, there are times that I think its really fun to raise my kids with some small town fun.

And now it's off to some friends for a grill out and *potentially* fireworks. But I think I'm not nearly daring enough to keep my 2 little kids up for something they'd probably be scared of anyhow. I'm such a party pooper.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Last one today, I promise!

Okay, so I couldn't sleep last night (up thinking about Quinn, what it will be like to meet him, what he'll think of us, how he'll do traveling etc etc) and at about 3:30am I was going to come downstairs and blog but then I feared I'd "really" be up. Yeah, much better use of time to thrash around in bed and keep my husband awake!

Because of the craziness of the week there has been little time to blog (I've been busy *chopping apples* if you know what I mean;) but TONS to blog about. So this is me making up for it all. I was going to blog last night but my *somewhat* OCD husband had emails to 5 different travel agents sent, a spreadsheet created that could help him easily see our different options, costs and arrival/departure times. Our agency has a travel agent book our international flights (and then some agency staff arrange our in country travel as well AFTER all of the international stuff is arranged) but we did NOT love the arrangements the agency's travel agent booked (looooong layovers and even an extra night stay in Hong Kong. Fine for some other trip but NOT this one with a new kid and two others dying to see us after 14 days away.) Of course, now we're running into a little thing called the 4th of July holiday and we won't really be able to finalize anything until Monday. Anyhow, all that to say I couldn't get my hands on a computer to save my life.

There is yet another amazing God component to Quinn's adoption. (It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?) There is a family we know- we'll call them the Hags (actually, Steve knows them way better than I do) but they are REALLY good friends of our friends, the Hardy's (our fellow festival goers and funnel cake eaters). The husband was in the Hardy's wedding.

The Hags work for the same company that we do. They lived in China for years. They, in fact, lived about 20 minutes from Quinn's orphanage. They have 4 bio kids of their own and have been trying to adopt from China for about 3 years. After a very long story, they had a referral about the same time we got Quinn's referral and around Christmas time found out they had "lost" their referral. They were heartbroken (I can't even imagine!) but got another referral of a boy a few months back.

To make a long story short (oops, too late!) we found out that the Hags are going to pick up their son THE EXACT SAME TIME WE ARE! Because of family obligations (like a nursing child at home) Mrs. Hag will stay home but Mr. Hag and a travel buddy will go and pick up their son. It looks like we may even be in Xi'an the same time and then meet up again in Guang Zhou, where every adoption is finalized in China. It is kind of a tradition for families to take pictures together on a *famous* red couch. How crazy that Quinn will most likely get a picture with little Hag on the couch and then by nature of our job grow up over the years knowing him! Super excited for that. Seriously, we couldn't have planned something like this!

AND THEN... I found out a week ago that my very best friend, in the world, Lisa (who just got married May 2- Steve did the wedding) will still be in China during our adoption. She is planning on coming to Xi'an for the day we meet Quinn. I can't think of anyone better to be there for such an occasion. Being an only child, Lisa has served as my sister over the years. She truly is an Aunt to my children. I'm sure this is NOT the last God story to be told. But I do promise, it's the last one for today. Happy 4th to you and yours.

She's BAD!

I know I'm over a week late and all other bloggers have beaten me to the punch, but here is our tribute to MJ! (Get it? A gloved Olivia??? The sprinkles could have served as sequins but she licked 'em all off!)
While he had gotten so super weird (I actually had forgotten how weird until Steve and I started to watch all of the old interviews... SO WEIRD!) I have to say, when I was in 8th grade, I loved me some Michael Jackson!
There was a Christmas that my two boy cousins and I all got tape cassette playing Walkmans. (I just got rid of mine my second year into marriage, hey- that's a GOOD machine right there!) My cousins, who were brothers, got BOTH the record AND the tape. Me? I got Culture Club. (Man, talk about weird!!!) I think I cried and pouted all the way to the store where I FINALLY got my record AND tape. (*ackhem* once again, I wasn't spoiled! just well *loved*)
Angie Kelso had all the girls over from swim team for a sleep over the night the Thriller video debuted on MTV. (Granted, I had nightmares for weeks... it was a little scary for me... but it was monumental, nonetheless.)
I had a jean jacket so full of Michael Jackson pins you could see me coming a mile away (oh, how I wish I still had the one of him with the llama!)
And now because you can't get away from the coverage (and not unlike a major car wreck on the high way that you just can't seem to not look at) my 3 year old daughter is running around the house "Michael Jackson this" and "Michael Jackson that." HHmmm.. I suppose it has at least distracted her from the fact that WOMANIZER is her favorite song. Count your blessings.
So, better late than never... Thanks Michael for the memories! I'm not sure Boy George's passing will get the same coverage.

A little behind!

This has been one exciting week as we've been getting travel plans together for our China trip. I've been a little behind in updating my posts, sorry!
Last night before bath time, the kids were running around, chasing each other and then took a brush break. I couldn't resist!

Last weekend we had a really fun family trip up to Ashtabula, where Steve's parents live. Steve's brother, Scott, his wife, Amy and their two kids, Natalie and Carter were there AND it was Steve's 20 year high school reunion. (Where I met my first ever "blog fan.") Steve's classmate had come across my blog from Steve's facebook page. She started reading and introduced herself as my voyeur. LOVE IT. I felt famous!! (Thanks Julie ;)

A lot of the weekend was spent chasing the kids around their long driveway as they nearly killed themselves (I mean had a great time) in the new Princess electric car that Grandma and Papa got for the grand kids. You'll notice a theme, Turner liked to be behind the wheel. Like father like son.

Olivia LOVES being chauffeured! Hmmm... like mother like daughter?!

Grandma let the girls make "snowballs" for dessert one day. I helped supervise. They *wore* gloves and rolled the ice cream in their hands to make them into balls and then rolled the balls into cookies and sprinkles. As they licked their gloves, ate sprinkles and cookie crumbs it became clear there was a snowballs chance in you know where that I would get near one of those for dessert! (However, desperate times call for desperate measures, I did break down and have one later that night.)
We took the kids to Geneva On The Lake, a vacation destination back in the '50's. I'm sure it was super cool in the '50's. Now its just a bit interesting and I assure you I could do some MAJOR people watching given an hour or two without kids. Instead, we rode bumper boats, played skee ball and ...
rode the carousel. Super fun time for everyone.

The inner child came out even in Steve and Scott. Boys will be boys. Just goes to show, once a brother, always a brother!
Somehow, I got stuck at the kids table! Edie's Grill, apparently "famous" was fine, if not a bit hectic with all the kids. And I have to report in on my funnel cake Saturday challenge. Although I didn't get my lips around one, I was, in fact only 20 ft. from one. Across the street from Edie's was a funnel cake stand and if I hadn't over done it at Edie's I may have considered it. This weekend here in Dayton is CityFolk fest where I feel there is a fairly good chance of gettin me some funnel cake, and maybe a deep fried Twinkie chaser.