Wednesday, August 27, 2008

double trouble

Last night was a graduation of sorts. Steve is the bathmaster and has given Olivia and Turner almost every single one of their baths. I SO appreciate that! And he loves the time with the kids. The only problem is, Steve would have the kids in that baby bathtub that goes in the kitchen sink until they are five if it wasn't for me bugging him to get them in the regular bathtub.

Finally, last night we did it! 2 kids in the bath at the same time. It was super fun. Even routine, doesn't like change and certainly isn't into sharing right now, Olivia liked it.

I think Turner enjoyed the new found freedom in the big bath. Splashing, crawling and even trying to climb out. Unlike his big sister, we don't think he'll put up much of a fight when it comes to getting water in his eyes and jumping off the side of the pool. So funny how different these two are, already!

Turner trying to make his great escape. I've got my hands full with this one. Good thing he is soooo loveable!

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