Saturday, August 16, 2008

a full week- part one

We spent 1/2 the week in Holly, Michigan with my co-workers from the University of Dayton. Colby, my boss, grew up there and his parents were kind enough to let 12 of us come up for 2 nights, 3 days to play, rest and plan for the semester. Olivia LOVES Colby and Sarah's kids. Mikayla (4) or Kayla, as O calls her, is O's idol. Every time Mikayla walked into the room (which was about every 4 minutes, O would greet her by saying, "hello Kayla." Thanks to Mikayla for putting up with a 2 year old groupie! She and Jackson (3 in about a week) are also friends but because Jackson is a boy (and O has recently declared, "I don't like boys!") they play together but O needs intermitant trips to check and see what Kayla is up to. The youngest of O's friends is Jaydon. He is about 16 m. and gets a bit lost in the shuffle. Jaydon seemed happy to have Turner around as someone was younger and had vulnerable Cheerios to attack! Two of our teammates do not have children and seemed to be happy enough to jump in the car Wed. afternoon and (assumingly) enjoy the 4 hour ride in silence. Bummer, there wasn't room for me!

So we survived, didn't kill eachother or ourselves and are one step closer to being ready for the freshmen to arrive. (Which fyi happens as we speak.) Steve's cousin Nick is moving in right now and Steve and O went to "help." Ah- good luck with that. We are so happy to have Nick here- and we've promised not to bug too much :)

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