Monday, December 29, 2008

And away we go

We're on the move again in our adoption journey. It really did come! The long awaited and much anticipated I-797C form is in our hands, the affidavit signed (you have to send in a copy of the form- thus needing a sworn affidavit that it is a copy of the actual paper *like we're gonna forge it* which in return then requires all the other 14 stamps to go with it.) So... Steve is off to the county courthouse who has to confirm that the notary is not a fake (cuz the lady at the bank did look a bit shady, like she just might be an impostor notary public!) Then the paper goes off to the Ohio Secretary of State (whom you may remember, was a bit suspect during the elections for possibly being involved with voter fraud-- but we're gonna go ahead and let her stamp our adoption papers anyhoo) and then it's off to our friends in NYC, who will hand deliver it to the Chinese Consulate (and you guessed it, where the paper will receive a STAMP.) With our friends hand delivering it, about a week and a half (at least) will be shaved off of the wait time. And then this lone little (yet mighty) paper will join it's fellow papers to complete with is called our dossier.

Once in, the dossier will be approved by China (remember, we've been pre-approved by China for this whole thing- but nothing really counts until you've been actually approved- we get a Lock In Date - or if you wanna sound cool in the adoption world, you call it a LID.) And once we get that, we should be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Operation Pick Up Quinn.

Just FYI- the usual wait for today's paper is "SUPPOSE TO BE" around 90 days. But our agency was trying to calm our fears by warning us that people have been waiting 120+ days etc. Our wait time? 71 days! Thanks, Lord! Pre-approval- normal time 3-7 weeks. Our wait time? 3 days! Ditto, Lord! Time frame for getting a referral of a child from China? (healthy kids anywhere from 2-4 years. Special needs, quite a bit less, but usually 6-12 months.) Our wait time? 29 days. Are you kidding, Lord? Guess someone wants Quinn to be a Koproski-- and FAST. Well, here's to a crazy 2009, can't wait!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning in Pictures

Merry Christmas from the Koproskis!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I hear jingle bells..

Well... after naps and gingerbread house decorating it was time for our traditional Christmas eve dinner (started by my mom many years ago). A bunch of appetizers (but when there are just a few of us and 1/2 are kids the appetizers took on more of the form of junk food.) We had to shovel it in so that we could make it to the 6:00 service at church (when we got there we found out it actually started at 6:30, so we got in our drive around and look at lights before church.)

One tradition we've started is a birthday cake for Jesus. We sing to Him and everything. Olivia told me earlier today she thought we should sing Him the ABC song instead of the Happy Birthday song. But in fact, I should sing it and not her. When I asked her why she didn't want to sing she told me, "because I'm too shy." Whatever! We ended up singing Happy Birthday and she even joined in.

On our ride home from church I asked what they did in childcare. She told me "play toys." I asked if they told her any stories AT CHURCH, on CHRISTMAS EVE?!? She said no. But then she casually threw in that they watched a movie about the baby Jesus (whew!) I asked who was in the movie? She said baby Jesus and some lambs. I asked what did the lambs do? She said, "they were sad, because their friends left." (We were assuming she was talking about the Shepard's.) Steve said, "where did their friends go?" (fishing for the Jesus answer, naturally). She thought about if for about 5 seconds and then said, "To their homes, I guess." Nice!!!
Well, Santa has arrived, if you look hard you'll see that there are cookies and milk waiting. The stockings have been filled and put on the floor in front of the gifts (post this photo) since one of them was too heavy to hang from the mantel (thanks, bebe- I still get the biggest stocking!!!)
Sleep well and if you hear something on the roof tonight, don't get out of bed or he may not stop at your house!!!

Christmas eve fun

Other than the fact that it's raining cats and dogs outside, rather than snowing a romantic blanket around our house, this has been a perfectly lovely Christmas eve!

All 4 of us went to the Y for a pre-Christmas workout, joined the crowds at grocery stores and Best Buy and then came home to some holiday fun.

I've always wanted to do a gingerbread house and may have done one once during my childhood... but it's been a long time. I saw this super cute ($20) kit at our local gourmet grocery. It haunted me so I had to go back today and pick it up for Olivia and I to do together.

It was a big hit. It was a bit hard to navigate the frosting, but O loved putting the candies on the house. She only ate a *few* pieces.

This was the final result. One happy kid on a sugar high!! And this is just the beginning.

Monday, December 22, 2008


here's another filler so you can read the actual blog below.

Santa owes me ten bucks!

We were up in Toledo celebrating Christmas with my mom and dad over the weekend. We did a ton of super fun stuff and had a great time. One thing that has been weighing on me was getting these kids on Santa's lap for a photo. We were at Children's Wonderland (a throw back from when I was a kid!) The Toledo Rec Center is decorated with a ton of lights, mechanical displays etc. and of course, Santa. So we went to have O tell Santa what she wanted and have Turner sit on his lap and O stand next to him (that was the deal) for a picture. I set Turner on Santa's lap (it never occurred to me Turner wouldn't like it.) You would have thought Santa poked him with pins or something. Purple faced and screaming bloody murder, Turner's response made us re-think the Santa picture and it ended up being the four Koproski's with Santa. It turned out to be a pretty cute picture.

While there I wanted to make sure Olivia told the big guy what she wanted him to bring her. As usual, O clammed up when he started talking to her. So instead of waiting for cues from mom- Santa says to my nearly three year old "What do you want me to bring you?" Her response... silence... Santa's response to the silence... "How about a Barbie doll? Would you like me to bring you a Barbie doll?" O's response to that.. eyes lighting up, big smile and vehement head shaking yes. MY response to this, "How about a Tinker Bell movie, Santa? Olivia has really been wanting a TINKER BELL movie." Santa- "Well, great, I can bring one of those too!"

TOO????? Who trained this guy???? Now I have to run out 2 days before Christmas and get a Barbie. My plan was to ignore the Barbie comment by the cheap imitation Santa, but this morning a commercial came on and O yells, "Look! Santa! He's gonna bring me a Tinker Bell movie and a Barbie." Shoot. Girl's got a mind like a steel trap. So, sometime today I have to find time to hunt down a Barbie, may there be one left that isn't a $50 collector's edition. Thanks, Santa!

The best news EVER...

We are one step closer to bringing this little guy home!!!!
Yep, got a CALL this morning from USCIS (didn't pick up the UNKNOWN CALLER 'cuz I figured it was J*Jill wanting me to come and get my last minute shopping done or something). In fact, it was Melissa from CIS calling to let me know that we have been approved for our adoption and that our I-800A form is in the mail (aka- that last lone form that will complete our dossier thus moving us ahead in the process to go and get Quinn.) She was worried that because of the mail being held on Christmas we wouldn't find out before Christmas. How sweet is that???? I'm pretty sure it was actually an angel of the Lord on the line sending a direct answer to many many prayers as the sweetest Christmas gift EVER. (At least rivaling the Christmas 6 years ago when Steve proposed to me.) Oh, if I didn't love the magical time of Christmas before, this certainly seals the deal.
So, again, things continue to be out of our hands as far as timing goes, but it does seem that God has us on the fast track to bringing our sweet boy home. Thank you, Lord. And thank you friends who have been praying at 1:30 each day with us (if anyone wants to join a small group of my friends who have committed to pray for Quinn each day at 1:30 until he comes home, you are officially invited.) It sure is fun to see God answer.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So you probably can't even read this because Celine Dion is covering it up. This is just a quick update with more to come tomorrow (I HAVE GOT to wrap some gifts tonight, or I'll hate myself in the morning.) But I couldn't go one more day w/ this gigantic Celine Dion ad blocking everything and me not explaining myself. Ummm.. so I've been working with this pretty cool marketing company in hopes of having a win-win situation. Because I'm a bit of an incompetent fool when it comes to technology (remember, I've just recently parted with my Sony cassette tape Walkman) when I attempted to link up to this Celine Dion ad---it virtually took over my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to delete it from my side bar. I mean- Celine is fine and all, but she ain't no David Cook (for him I'd give over my blog.) So, bear with me while I try and figure out how to remove the sprawling ad. If you have any suggestions, HELP!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

EEK...I have a blog!

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

You never know...

Umm... trying something new, once again~ humor me and check this out!!! I might win a really cool prize this time:

If you're a fan of Celine Dion or just love great live entertainment, check out Celine’s Taking Chances World Tour. Her North American tour dates have been extended into February ’09 so take a look and see if she’s coming to your town. Celine’s concert tickets may just be the perfect gift for a friend, family member or yourself.

See what the show is like here.--Highlighted links go to AND , respectively.

Sorry, Turner!

I was busy doing some work in the kitchen yesterday (getting ready for several Christmas parties, no doubt) when I overheard something that made me laugh out loud.

"Hey Turner, wanna be a princess?" (In Olivia's world that is a rhetorical question)

And then I saw this...

I guess his silence meant yes. By the sweet little smile on his face, I guess he didn't mind it so much. The moments when my kids play nicely together are all the Christmas gift I need. (By the way, our little "princess" has taken several steps multiple times on his own. We're also pretty sure we've heard him say "bread" recently- in context! Is it bad if your kid's first word is bread?) Just wondering.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking back ground

Yesterday it dawned on me, somewhere in the past 2 weeks, Olivia has gained way too much control in this mother/daugther relationship and today is the day I'm taking back my rightful spot as boss around here.

I realized it when for the 10th time yesterday she downright got my goat and when I had a vision run through my head of choking her, I thought I'd better do something to get back into lead dog position-- and soon.

I'm not sure how it happened really. I think this is common to most parents with 2 and 3 year olds, but this was NEVER going to happen to me. I mean I have boundaries, I've seen empty threats in the check out lines, for crying out loud- I watch SuperNanny every Friday night! My kids wern't going to eat hot dogs, watch videos in the car and they certainly wern't going to get me to cook 3 different meals at the same time. Ummm... check check and check. Ooops. I was certainly a better parent before I had kids.

I woke up bound and determined- a woman on a mission. O asked for rice krispies, by golly she got rice krispies. When the request changed to a bagel as she stared into the cereal bowl w/o a bite being taken, I invincibly said, "Not today little girl. This is a new day! The free ride ends here! Eat your rice krispies and if you don't- don't ask me for a snack in the car." So far so good.

On the way home from where we were this morning, she almost got me as she asked for her bag of cheerios that was on the floor. But I remembered the promise- no snacks in the car. The one request turned into 5 other ones w/ whining and crying to match. But I stood my ground. So we are 6 hours into the ground taking, it's painful but worth it.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. This tough love thing is brutal!!! Let's just hope softy daddy can stick to it too~~ to be continued.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Aimee strikes again

So I was going to try and crop O out of this picture so that you could see my new hair cut better (how rude is that?) but I didn't really know how. I went Friday for a new cut and highlight and I have to say, this new girl, Aimee is really working out for me! Cut and color for $44, can you believe it?!
I know I've plugged her before, but let me do it again. She not only gives a great cut, nice color, but because she is in school and needs to learn all of the services you can book her for a manicure, pedicure, facial etc. And the prices are ridiculous. $11 for a mani, $15 for a pedi, $18 for a facial and $8 for eyebrows. The bummer (for us) is that she is going to be done with school in March. So go while the gettin' is good and cheap~!!! She is also trying to book a ton of clients in January so she can go to Chicago for free. If you are interested call (937) 558-0569 and book with Aimee. Tell her I sent you her way and I'll get a little break on my next cut too. (I'm pretty sure you can buy gift cards if you have any stocking stuffers left to buy. Shoot, that's a nice inexpensive little gift. Santa can't be too upset with you if you even throw one in for yourself.)

Picture Perfect

Yesterday, Steve and I took Olivia to her first live performance of the Nutcracker. Some may say that it is silly to take a 2 year old to a show that is $30 a pop in the cheap seats, but it was worth every penny for us!!! The Dayton Ballet's version performs at the Schuster Center, downtown which in and of itself is an event. In the lobby at Christmas time they have vintage animated window displays. We showed up early so that we would have time for O to walk around and look. I fully expected her to be wide-eyed with wonder and amazement. See here to the left. It brought tears to my eyes, in some ways I felt as though I was re-living my childhood.

Until we came across this!
It's one of those "games" where you send the coin down and it spins around and around whirling and spinning until it hits the hole that it drops down and in goes your donation. Yep, all nostalgia dropped right to the bottom of that vortex faster than that quarter could go. Oh well, I decided this was about O, not me and I might as well let her make her own memories. Stupid charity!

We finally made it to our FRONT ROW seats. Somehow when I was booking on line the computer told me the only cheap seats left in the whole theatre were here, in the front row. So after debating (and realizing there was no way we were paying more than $30 a seat w/ a two year old) I booked 'em. A bit hesitant 'cuz I figured if they were cheap and up close they must be really bad seats. But I gotta tell you, they were fabulous!!!! Loved every minute of it. I've never had that good of seats for anything in my life. Who knew people on stage preforming in anything had facial expressions. And sweat! We actually got hit by a few sweat beads from the lead guy once (gross but very very cool.!) Olivia was mesmorized. She never got ansy or bored. She was pretty much glued the whole 2 hours.

We even had a friend who was dancing in the show so it was fun to keep our eyes out for her. (Good job, Krisha!) All in all, the day was perfect.
My love for the Nutcracker goes way back. It really became a joke growing up because there was always an obstacle for my mom and I getting to go. In fact, I never went. My first live performance was when I was 29 living in China. It was the first Christmas present Steve ever got me- tickets for he and I (and 8 of our closest friends). We laugh because he didn't even arrange the tickets so that we were sitting next to each other (it was our 3rd date). Thankfully at the last moment, Steve switched with one of our friends so that we could sit next to each other. Smart move, mister! So needless to say, it was super sweet 7 years later to be taking our daughter with us. Sweet memories.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back to my new tricks

Because of my bout with the flu, my house is in shambles, my fridge is out of milk, eggs and all other essentials and laundry is piled to the ceiling. However, as I try to keep priorities- priorities; I was able to save us some money this weekend.

Last night I met my friend, Sally, for dinner at Panera (thanks for a great time, Sally!) And after, I thought I'd hit Victoria's Secret for another much needed bra. I found one I really like that is only $19.95. I got a $10 off my purchase coupon in the mail and had $6 on a gift card that was left over. Also, during my last purchase they gave me a card that I didn't really know how to navigate, but I stuck it in my pocket. When I got there, they were having a buy one bra get one 50% off. When I got to the register I found out the card in my pocket was a mystery gift card w/ as little as $10 and as much as $500 on it. Naturally, mine had $10, but I'll take it. So I walked outta there w/ 2 bras and I gave the woman $3. 23! Yes!!

Turner was totally out of diapers so I HAD to go to CVS today (they are having buy $25 of Huggies products, get 5 ECBs this week, plus I had some nice coupons.) I got three jumbo packs of diapers for $19 something, got 5 ECBs back. And then I got all that is pictured for one dollar and three quarters. I also got 15 ECBs back. By golly, I just might be getting the hang of this coupon thing down. Very fun and very satisfying.

It's too bad CVS doesn't sell something that picks up my house, does the grocery shopping and folds laundry (oh yeah, that's called a mom! And we already have one, the problem is- it's me!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a winner

I never win stuff. Ok, I take it back, a few years ago at our company Christmas party I won a box of chocolate covered cherries. (Does anyone really eat those things? Or do they just give 'em away so they don't have to eat them?) About a month back you may recall I linked up Seal's new album for you to take a listen. All in all I thought the music was pretty good. I most likely would not go out and buy the album for myself, but mostly that is because I am not a music buyer (except for David Cook's new album... HAD to have that and I recommend you march your little buns out and stuff your stocking with it... it's good!) Did I mention that I am still in the dark ages? No I Pod in this house. (No joke, about 2 years ago I just threw out my tape-playing Walkman, oh the shame of it.)

Oh, right, so I never win anything. So if I posted that link for the Seal album I was entered for a chance to win the CD. I got an email yesterday, on my deathbed no less, letting me know that I was randomly selected to receive the album (Guess it's a good thing, after all, that I still play CD's.) Weeee! I really did think the music was decent, so I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail. Hopefully this marketing company will allow me the opportunity to introduce you to more products in the future, therefore, hooking me up along the way. All in all a win-win, don't 'ya think?

To catch a bug

Do you ever have those days where you think about how nice it would be to have a sick day. A day where you just stay in bed and your husband brings you stuff and watches the kids all day? Wouldn't that be lovely? Be careful what you wish for.

About 10:30 Tuesday night I began a bout of the 24 hour intestinal flu. It actually started around 9pm when I was at a training conference for my job. I started getting really cold and I needed to do a short presentation. I really don't even remember what I said, but I remember getting in my car and praying the whole way home that I wouldn't throw up in the car. God showered me with grace because I didn't even hit one red light. I ran from the car to the house (briefly considering throwing up in the yard, but remembered the dogs in our house and thought I could make it 50 more steps.) So from 10:30 pm-4:30 am I suffered and suffered. I couldn't get out of bed the next morning and was nauseous until 3pm yesterday. I finally was able to get some Sprite and a Popsicle down. Late last night I had some toast, popped a Tylenol PM for my achy-ness and had a full 9 hour sleep last night. I woke up this morning, showered and was going to present at my conference (I have a huge guilt complex) but by 9:00 I realized I could actually use a nap. (I NEVER nap!) So now I'm feel good, still a bit wiped- it's nearly nap time and I just may lay down again. It's been years since I've had the flu (stupid flu shot) and I hope it's years until I have it again. I'll tell you one thing, it's gonna be a long time before I eat Q-Doba again!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the giving spirit

Today has been a particularly exasperating day w/ a two year old and a nearly 1 year old. Sometimes I think I try to do too much, but when I consider the other option (sitting in my house all day w/ these two) I think I'm making good decisions. Just maybe not today.

Tuesdays are my favorite day to work out. There is a kick-your-butt-until-you-want-to-die spinning class that I LOVE. And unless I'm out of town, sick or otherwise unable to make it I'm there in the front row, moaning and groaning with the rest of them. Today it was raining cats and dogs but we went anyhow. Naturally, its the really bad weather days that O tends to protest stuff. Stuff like getting in the car, hustling along and general obedience.

With Christmas sneaking up like no body's business I thought today would be a great day for some shopping. Of course when we pulled into our parking spot the heavens parted and let down some rain that would drown a small child. But in we marched. Blast those Disney Princesses that make our shopping trips twice as long. We did, however, make it outta there w/o a single pink princess anything in the cart.

After a *small* incident getting out of the car in our garage, that required a bit of yanking and coercing (its a good thing that all the neighbors work during the day, now they can still think I'm an in control parent) it was lunch time.

For a change, the kids sat quietly, ate well and were generally pleasant. I saw my chance to do a few things in the kitchen after Turner was done eating and was crawling around on the floor, happily playing. When I came back in the room, did I ever walk into a mess. Olivia had decided to share her yogurt with her little brother. He had the spoon in his mouth and the cup of yogurt all over himself, the floor and the rug. He couldn't have been happier and O was so proud "Look, mama, I shared my yogurt with Turner." Wow... this is the first thing in 11 months O has shared. It must be the generosity of the holiday spirit. Lovely! The Christmas spirit lives indeed.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shop till you drop, baby.

If you are considering re-locating any time soon, might I suggest the Dayton area? Yeah, it may seem as though it is one of the dullest and least cultured places at first glance, but then you realize you are a mere 40 minutes from THE BEST shopping mecca on the planet. The Jeffersonville Prime Outlets are awesome! In spite of the temperature outside (the high today is suppose to reach 28, I think) I would risk frost bite any day to get the bargains I got.
Steve kept the kids and I got myself 4 hours of uninterrupted Christmas shopping (aren't
'ya jealous.) And I now have all of my gifts bought except a few toys for the kiddos in my life. I've often looked at people at the malls w/ bags and bags of stuff and wonder how in the world (or why in the world) they have gone bonkers. Well, today when the prices were right and the time was all mine (no emergency runs to the potty, no tantrums in the aisles, no husband looking at his watch) I became that woman who runs back to the car 4 times b/c she can't carry it all. And just pissing off all the people who are looking for a place to park b/c they think I'm leaving. Glorious. So, if you've still got shopping to do, might I suggest a run to the Outlets... you'll be glad you did.

Nutcracker fun

In my attempt to take advantage of any and all holiday freebies, which usually end in a big fat bust (remember the Kroger "Halloween party" where my kids were the only ones in the entire store in costume, and then there was the Sam's Club Taste of the Holidays- we got there 10 minutes after all of the free samples had been put away) we went to the South Dayton Mall's Dance Along Nutcracker. This time, I found a winner!

On the news I heard there would be real ballerinas, tutus and tieras. It worked out perfectly 4pm start time- dinner and then off to work at our church's nursery. (see O the third one in from the right.)

My daughter loves all things pink, sparkly, beautiful and dance related (meaning, she's just like most other nearly 3 year old girls.) When we are home alone, she can dance and twirl with the best of 'em. But something funny happens when she gets around other people. The girl becomes mute! And shy. So you can imagine my surprise when she got her little self up right at the edge of the stage to watch. Mind you, she did not attempt any of the dance along parts of the program, but she watched intently and you better believe she will incorporate the moves into her own at-home repertoire.

The best part of the program were the tieras and tutus for the moms in the crowd too. And yes, they did give O and I the SAME SIZE tutu. You'll note me crouching down w/ my daughter on my lap as to hide the tutu embarrassment. The things you'll do for love!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My feeble attempt

at keeping Jesus the reason for the season.
Olivia has officially hit that annoying age where EVERY commercial is met with a hysterical high pitched scream. The other morning I was fixing breakfast when I heard a scream that surely meant blood, severed limb or... My Little Pony.
She wants everything and it's getting on my nerves. I've tried several ways to make sure that Christmas doesn't become just about getting stuff. But let's face it, when you're two going on thirteen life is about you.
So for the past two years I've scoured the shelves looking for the Fisher-Price nativity scene and finally wised up and looked on line this year. It arrived at our doorstep yesterday and I was in a dilemma. Do we get it out now (It was a nice gift and goes into the Christmas budget) or save it for Christmas morning? Seems to me, if we wait we miss the whole point of the toy. So I broke it out this morning. And it's a hit!
When I showed O the cows, the sheep and the baby Jesus her response, "That's hilarious!" (I'm not so sure what's hilarious about it but I went with it.) Last year, I nearly broke down and got the Veggie Tales nativity set but something didn't sit right with me Baby Jesus as a tomato. It's hard enough to grasp the concept of God, the Creator of the Universe coming as a baby- but now He's a tomato too? Too much of a stretch at keeping it real. I'm glad I held out. Thanks Fisher-Price for making a toy I'm glad to spend my money on.

The boys

This week I found Turner a toy that he can walk with. It took him about 2 days to figure it out, now he's practically running around the house. He doesn't go far before he runs into a wall, a dog or a sister. He is so much more daring and physical than his sister ever was.
I think its pretty fun to have a similar picture of the boys. Why is it that my son in the orphanage looks happier than my son in the warm, over indulged house? Maybe because Quinn doesn't have to deal with Baxter -Hmmm...
This week I'm going to send away for Quinn's finding ad. This is the ad that the Chinese orphanage is required to place in the local paper telling the particulars of the child found. If there is no response in a designated time frame the child is officially abandoned and may be placed for adoption. Usually there is a picture in the finding ad (the earliest photo of the child in most cases.) There is also the most specific info about the finding location you may get. I'm hoping that we can get this ad in a month or two.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Perfect Storm

This week has been filled with some ups and downs (read hormones here!) Without going into all the gory details, I finished nursing Turner this week. Monday was my final "nurse" (is there really a good verb for that?? ) and oddly enough, it was a bit sad. For months I've looked ahead to that moment with anticipation and when it snuck up on me I was a bit misty eyed. Along with giving up nursing I am also giving up those glorious 550 calories a day I've been burning. Who knew making milk was a work out unto itself. (That's 10 extra points in the WW world, gone, poof, bye-bye.) Sigh. And lets just say all has "returned to normal" in my body-- boo! So my hormones have been positively bonkers this week.
Well, that doesn't bode well for a nearly 3 year old who is in "grandparents detox" post the Thanksgiving stay of one BeBe and Paw. She has been following me around with her arms extended in the upward position yelling "Hold Me" for 2 days. Are you kidding me? You are almost THREE, there is no way I'm carrying you around. If you even look at me wrong these days there's a good chance you may lose your head. So you can imagine the scene at the Y on Monday when I got her from the childcare room and she threw the mother of all tantrums for nearly 10 minutes. Including a full on lay-on-the-floor-snot-flying-screaming-at-the-top-of her-lungs doozy. Eventually, I literally dragged her to the car by pulling her arm as she became a human dust mop (I'm sending the Coffman YMCA their bill for our services soon.)
Later, Steve asked if I was embarrassed. Me? I wasn't the one with the purple face, snot flung clear across my face screaming at the top of my lungs (although I wanted to be!!!) The thought of embarrassment hadn't even occurred to me. Now, should I be embarrassed that I wasn't embarrassed??
Then there was this *tiff* or was it a *spat*? that Steve and I had last night. I would go into the details but I've already been in trouble for accidentally making my Facebook status "fighting with my husband" last night. Suffice it to say that we haven't had a disagreement of that magnitude for awhile.
Mix in a bit of anxiety while waiting on our I-797C... come on US Government- how about an early Christmas gift? As I was preparing for Thanksgiving last week, I unexpectedly began weeping. How the heck can I feel so deeply about a kid I've never met? The thought of Quinn in that orphanage during the holidays was really more than I could bare at that moment. I was a blubbering idiot.
I've never been a big fan of hiding behind hormones (because in fact, I still do have choices in all of this- or so I'm told) however, when you combine hormones with kids and a husband, I do believe you have the elements for the perfect storm. Move over Ike, E's in town!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Give me a break.

I took my Thanksgiving break seriously this year and decided to break from blogging. I have really found blogging to be a source of creativity, enjoyment, a place to vent and a way to enjoy even the mundane things of life. But I've also found it has the potential to take over my life. So as an exercise in self-control I decided to take a Thanksgiving vacation from myself. Our family enjoyed friends on Thanksgiving day, the mall on Black Friday, my parents Saturday through today and now it's back to normal life. It's really strange but over those several days we had many fun things to do, tons of people to enjoy and yet my mind wandered back to the blog. Things like "ooo.. that would be a funny post" or "If I grabbed my camera really quick..." those thoughts aren't bad but it's interesting that until about 3 1/2 months ago, I barely knew the world of blogging existed.

So, a break was nice (and most probably nedded.)

BUT I'M BACK! And boy are my fingers itching to get typing. So, I suspect I'll have some things to share this week (unless it ends up being a really boring week, but somehow that doesn't seem to stop me.) Things like: CVS shopping (by golly- I think I'm starting to get the hang of it), the start of Christmas parties (and parties and parties and parties), gift ideas, adoption updates (I'm about to send away for Quinn's finding ad- more on that later), crazy kid antics and much more.

Steve and I were saying last week that we shouldn't add anything more to December and then over the weekend we got 2 more email invitations to events friends' are hosting. We need to pace ourselves and try to enjoy this holiday season. Ready or not, here it comes!