Thursday, July 31, 2008

umm.. hello?

So, I'm an avid blog reader but have been leary about beginning one myself. Mostly because I wonder, will anyone read it and if they do- what do I have to say? But then I realized, if nothing else, this is the closest thing I may come to keeping a journal these days... I really SHOULD be doing that while my kids are young, right? So if nothing else, I hope to entertain myself. I'm also hoping it will remind me to take my camera places and actually take pictures (I'm the worst.) Because is it not true that blogs w/ pics are so much more interesting!

My mom has been bugging me to write down the funny things my kids (Olivia- now 2 1/2 and Turner nearly 7 mo.) do and say. Well, right now O is up "taking a nap" talking about her friends Mikayla and Jackson. I hear her saying "not Jackon, Jackson" (heavy emphasis on the SON). I think this monologue is largely due to an earlier conversation we had before we met up with them at a Children's Museum and I was correcting her pronunciation. But come on O- 15 minutes of this by yourself during nap time is a bit much! So here I am probably blogging to myself while my daughter is in her room talking to herself... seems like the Koproski women need some social interaction.