Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't let 'em fool ya...

My family is on my NERVES today. Ever have one of those days?

Oh sure, they look cute but everything i've done today has been thwarted. We leave for 5 days tomorrow so that means cleaning, laundry, packing, grocery shopping etc not to mention we are hosting our house church tonight which means an added bit of tension.

It is the most beautiful summer day outside and I'm not enjoying any of it (you can almost hear the violins if you try real hard.) Well, guess what, if mamma ain't enjoying it- nobody's enjoying it. Not one of my finer moments (or shall I say afternoons.) Stomping around, slamming stuff around, mumbling under my breath. Gross! I stopped, finally, for a moment to collect myself and pray. God has given me everything I need to overcome my flesh, but I need to ask for it. As soon as I asked for it (or at least within 15 min. or so) the clouds parted and I began to have perspective. Thanks Lord.

That allowed me to look at these guys and enjoy them laying on the floor reading Olivia's catalogue (that by the way came yesterday and is full of halloween costumes- she literally can't put it down.)

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