Saturday, August 30, 2008


So, I'm not exactly sure what blog etiquette is and I hope I'm not breaking it by posting pics of my new haircut. Does it make it any better or less offensive if I let you know that this is mostly for my mom? I guess it may also benefit some of you friends whom I don't get to see very often.
Basically, it was time for a change. But if you know me, I'm not too daring and I don't really like change. So this was my compromise. I went through a super-short-potentially-gay-looking-hairdo while I lived in NYC, and let's just say.... I learned a lesson as I was stuck w/ a passport that caused me to be confused w/ the Indigo Girls from time to time (whose music I LOVE by the way!!!) for 10 years~~and for someone who travels as much as I do, it was a pretty constant reminder to not go that short again anytime soon.
With all that said, I've had a pretty similar variation of the same bob haircut for the past 6 years. I guess this is still w/in the genre, but I like the change. These aren't super great shots of the new do, but good enough on a humid, not great hair day.
So, I'm not sure that anyone but my mom really cares about my hair, but shoot, it's all I got for the blog today!


KTC said...

very very cute!!!

bebe said...


bebe said...

yes, her mom did appreciate the snaps of new do and she also agrees with blogger assessment of the n,y.c. cut. I also wanted to dispute any rumor that if "e" hears a negative comment about her hair she immediately gets ticked and cries.