Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am SO not Ma Ingalls

As I laid in my bed at 1 am Monday morning, I had visions of Ma Ingalls as she contemplated putting a knife in the fire, downing a bottle of alcohol and finally cutting out the infection in her leg. As a 10 year old girl that was one of my all time favorite episodes of Little House on the Prarie (sick and twisted, I know!)

About 2 am I could take it no longer. The pain in my infected finger left me no other option than to hop in my car (alone) and check myself into the ER. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little scary! I had several scenarios worked up in my mind (one may have included amputation) as my children and husband slept soundly in their beds.

One cool consolation, TNT was playing Crimson Tide, an awesome movie I haven't seen in years. And since everyone knows the wait at the ER waiting room is an eternity (especially when you have a sceptic finger that is moment by moment leaking infection straight to your brain...) a nice movie distraction is a bit of a treat.

Turns out I had an "ingrown fingernail" that needed to be drained. Gag. So they gave me two shots of Novocaine (Steve insists it's not Novocaine when it's not for your teeth) into my finger- definitely the worst part- and after another 1/2 hour of waiting and making sure my finger was numb, the physicians assistant (who by the way was SO not George Cloony!) cut away a bunch of skin and nail and got rid of the puss. So while it wasn't an epidural, it was just as effective. Oh how I love American medical care.

The guy that did it asked if I wanted to see all the puss run out of my finger. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When I was pushing Turner out, the nurse asked me if I wanted to put my hand down there and feel his head-- WHILE HE WAS STILL INSIDE MY BODY. What is with medical people? They are seriously twisted. I'll touch my baby boy when he is good and cleaned up, thank you very much. And as for puss oozing from my finger, I'd rather you knock me over the head with a mallet and bring me back when it's all over!

So I'm now on antibiotics, Vicadin and soaking it in salt water several times a day. Just like Ma Ingalls' outcome, I'm sure. This photo does not do it justice, but I suppose it's just as well. When I first took the band aid off and saw it yesterday I got light headed and nauseous. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it. And if nothing else, it got me out of an entire day of changing poopy diapers. Not a bad bonus indeed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

no pain,no gain- NO WAY!

I am the biggest wimp I've ever known. I don't do well with pain. I've spent 36 years trying to avoid it. Many friends around me intended to or did go the "natural" childbirth route, meaning no medication. I would have had an epidural starting around month 7, if they had let me!

I tend to *over-react* just a bit to minor bumps and bruises throughout my day. Which usually leaves O yelling, "What happened, Mama?" I usually have to quickly reply back, "Oh, nothing, Turner lightly touched my hand." Or "I dropped a roll of paper towels on my foot." Stuff like that. (side note, you reap what you sow! O now *occasionally* over-reacts.)

But in the middle of the night, last night, I woke up with a throbbing middle finger on my right hand. It was bothering me so much I had to get up at 2:24 and take 2 extra strength Tylenol to get back to sleep. When I woke up, the tip and all around my finger nail had become red, inflamed, throbbing and swollen. It's even a bit hot to the touch.

I have been trying to ignore it all day. But to be honest- I'm totally consumed by the pain in my finger. Even typing this is brutal. We went to the grocery store and I asked Steve to go along so that he could pick up the heavy stuff and put the bags in the car. It is that sensitive. I never realized how much I use my middle finger (Oh, come on now... It's been WEEKS since I've done that! just kidding. wanting to doesn't count.) But seriously, Turner sat on my finger when I was getting him in the car seat and I nearly went through the roof.

Not only am I a wimp, I'm also a hypochondriac (thanks, mom!) I'm so afraid I've got some raging infection in my finger and that I'm going to go to bed tonight and it's going to seep into my blood stream and kill me. Can that happen? Does anyone know? But I'm more afraid to show up at my dr's office - or worse yet- the ER for a sore finger. I have no idea what happened, I suspect a hang nail that I pulled yesterday, but I'm not certain. All I know is, I'd take an epidural for this one right about now, if they'd let me!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not what you expect

Some good friends of ours, Mandy and Aaron, had their baby girl yesterday. Zoe was born three weeks early. Poor Mandy had one heck of a labor (induced, 36 hours w/ lots of back pain- wanted no drugs, ended up going epidural, pushed for 1 1/2 hours, you get the drift.) The reason for the early induction- an ultrasound showed some cause for concern as did a non stress test.

After delivery (as rough as it was) everything seemed to be fine. Because of the previous ultrasound concern, there was a cat scan done which revealed a 4cm mass on Zoe's left kidney. (Apparently in the image, the mass looked nearly as big as her little stomach.) So after a long, rough labor and delivery poor Mandy is understandably worried for her baby girl. Zoe is being transported to a Children's Hospital in Phoenix, where they live.

If you happen to be the praying type, please pray for this sweet young couple. (Mandy and Aaron are both in their mid to upper twenties.) Zoe is their first baby. I can only imagine how exhausted they both are. They have an amazing faith in God and although this is hard and scary they and I would both agree that God is good ALL THE TIME, even when we are tempted to ask the why questions.

I am so sad. It is so hard when joyous events turn out to be not what you expect. I have to say, news like this makes me so appreciate my kids! Makes me hug them and kiss them till they're sick of me. I think about Quinn and how because of his birth situation, he was abandoned. His parents' loss is our gain. His cleft lip was NOT an accident, it was the vehicle used to get him to our family. God has a mysterious way of working things out in life. Zoe's tumor is not an accident and I pray that good will come out of it. Today, my heart is trusting!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's all in my mind

Today I was on campus at the University of Dayton. I spend Thursday afternoons there, where I mentor some girls. I love it! It gets me out of the house, focus off myself and keeps me young and hip (or so I think.) At least it keeps me aware of the latest "cool" lingo (which probably doesn't include the word cool) and keeps me up on the latest fashion trends. My current favorite piece of ridiculousness- very short running shorts paired with tall Ugh boots. Come on girls, I know I'm closing in on 40, which automatically keeps me from being trendy- but I'm telling 'ya- you're gonna wish you hadn't done THAT!

Today I was in the freshman dorm looking for available freshmen athletes. I found a golfer who actually graduated from my all girls Catholic high school- last year! It was fun to chit chat with her (ooo... mental note, college girls probably don't "chit-chat") and hear how her freshman year experiences have been treating her. As we were talking it occurred to me- hmmm... quick math tells me she graduated in 2008, me- 1990 = 18 years apart.

Ummm... this girl, who could *practically* be my twin (because of my, umm, youthful looks) could actually be my daughter. Scrolling back to my senior year of high school there were several girls I graduated with who were quite "with child" as we marched down the graduation aisle. Doing the quick math once again, that makes their kids 18- same age as my "twin". Ack! Are you kidding me? In my mind I'm still 22. I'm only a few short years past The Cure and River Phoenix posters in my dorm, making grilled cheese sandwiches on my iron and sorority date parties.

In reality I turn 37 in a few months, buy clothes at J*Jill (aren't those mom clothes?), get totally thrilled over coupons and CVS ECB's and am scheduled for my first mammogram in 2 weeks. So how did this happen?? And why didn't anyone tell me it was happening? One thing is for sure, I'm NEVER driving a mini-van! Oh, shoot... never mind.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One more thing...

So I've been cruising around the blog world and I've stumbled upon this pretty cool thing. It's called the Ultimate Blog Party. (Click on the button to the left to get linked up and see what it's all about.) Yeah, just what I need, a bunch more blogs to read... but it's really fun.

If you've found me through the Party... here's a bit about me. I am a 36 year old stay at home mom. I have two kids with one on the way (from China that is.) I'm done being pregnant and thought I should let some Chinese lady do it for me this time. Quinn was born with a cleft lip and is three months older than our youngest son, Turner. Olivia is 3 and is a Diva with a capital D.

I was a journalism major many moons ago and have found blogging a great creative outlet. It has also helped me to put a positive and fun spin on days that are a bit less than those two things. It has helped me laugh at the quirky, appreciate the mundane and channel my frustrations to a more productive place. I hope it will be a fun record of our lives as my children get bigger.

Blog writing has been super fun, and as far as I know, my family and good friends check in from time to time and that's about all I can ask for. Making "new friends" would just be an added bonus. Blog reading is WAY more fun than reality tv and its embarrassing that I know more about strangers than I do about some of my close friends.

Oh, and the EEK... I have a blog. EEK are my initials and back when I started blogging I didn't know that you should really put some effort into naming it. Now I'm stuck. Oh well!

As part of the party we are suppose to post which 3 items we would like to win, so here are mine:
# 58 A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

#60 Pepsi Tote full of Loot

#88 $40 gift certificate to Carabba's Italian Grille

I wouldn't mind winning # 91,118 and 121.

Stop by and follow directions for your chance to win too!

Okay, I'm all talk

I've been known to talk big and bold on this blog before about how much fun it is to see my babies grow up. Other mom's cry and try to hold onto the baby years and I've talked of how I don't relate. I really have enjoyed each developmental milestone in O and Turner's lives.

And to be honest, I'm just not much of a baby person. I'll do the good friend, obligatory hold of your newborn. I'm no spoil sport. But I won't be too sad to hand it back to you when my arm gets tired.

However, my bluff has been called over the past two weeks! I've had this dark cloud hanging over my head for several months now called preschool. I realize a three year old doesn't NEED to go to preschool. I just happen to think my particular three year old would really thrive in a school environment. Girl is ready to learn and is ready to cut the apron strings.

And it's not that I'm not ready to see her grow, learn, develop, make friends, etc. It's EVEN more selfish than that. I don't want to do the school hunt. It is freaking overwhelming. 2 days a week? 3 days a week? Christian? Montessori? Near? Far? Public? Private? YMCA? Church affiliated? Ethnically Diverse! Science Center? Cost? My work schedule? Steve's work schedule? Quinn coming home! Medical appointments? My work-out schedule? ACK!!! Makes me want to cuss.

The one I'm leaning toward most right now is a public Montessori school less than 2 miles from our house. It is $25 for the whole year. They only take twelve 3 year olds. Here is the kicker- it is 5 days a week/ 4 hours a day. This is where I find a lump in my throat. I'm not sure I'm ready to lose my baby! I'll admit, those feelings took me by surprise. But the thought that if we go this route, these are the last few months of having my baby home with me all week is overwhelming. Crazy. If you've been there, done that, feel free to give any input you like. My guess is O can handle it, my doubt is that I can!


What is more irresistible than a napping baby with his buns in the air? Oh my goodness- it has to be one of the sweetest things in the world. I just couldn't resist capturing this and sharing it with YOU!

You know what else is irresistible to a 3 year old big sister? Yelling, "Turner, get up! You can get up now!" Somehow, Turner did not find that announcement nearly as exciting as O did. Girl can't wait for her rest time to be over (I've stopped fighting reality and no longer insist on calling it nap time.) Cuz who are we fooling?

The other day during "nap time" Olivia had deodorant all over her neck and my room was in disarray. Unless she's sleep walking, I needed to give up the ghost. However, mommy still needs "rest time" for her own sanity, even if rest includes sampling all unlocked hygiene products.

And since we're talking about irresistible: here is today's lunch to balance out last night's health fair. And in case you're concerned, because we do in fact live in the mid-west, where corn dogs are considered a vegetable, my kids had a rather balanced meal, don't 'ya think!

And it really is too bad that there were so many left overs! I just couldn't bare to see them go to waste. I may have had to clean a plate (or two) just to make sure that lunch was not only nutritious, but also delicious. Come on county fair, I need me a deep-fried snickers to round out my lunch. Weight Watchers seems to be working well for me these days, doesn't it?!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cause for Celebration

It's the little things in life, really!

It is your 3 year old daughter discovering that her new favorite food is salmon (finally something NOT deep fried, processed, coated in batter or microwavable) forget that it's ridiculously expensive- I'll sell plasma for that.

Or maybe it's your 1 year old son teetering over to the shoe basket and digging through it for his new "favorite" pair of shoes when he hears "It's time to go."

Or how about when you and your kids jump in the car on a Saturday morning to surprise their BeBe with an unexpected visit so that their daddy can do some work around the house for the weekend.

It could be going to a "Mom's Market" sale in your community to buy some second hand clothing; loading up a laundry basket full of Gymboree stuff for about as much as 2 new outfits would cost.

It certainly is talking to your very best friend in China, who is getting married in 6 weeks, about wedding plans and plane tickets to the wedding (with out kids.) Especially when she is getting married the day before your 6 year anniversary and she happened to be your maid of honor.

A little thing might be realizing that within the next few months you most likely will be flying 1/2 way around the world to pick up your newest son.

And probably the littlest thing (but one of the most satisfying of the day) is figuring out how to get the dang Celine Dion add off of your blog-- FOREVER!!!

I have to say, the little things add up and make for one rather happy day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not to be outdone!

This poor guy may have entered the picture second, but he is holding his own! I do feel, however, Turner gets the shaft here on this blog. Because he doesn't say much at this point (dog and da-da) the blog usually revolves around what his big sister is saying. So I thought it was high-time to give a Turner update. (Are those not the biggest, bluest eyes you've ever seen??)

So pretty much if you can bang it, slam it, use it as a hammer or annoy your sister with it, he's into it! It is so funny to me that God created little boys to instinctively make a car noise. He loves trucks, cars and balls. And without us coaching him up, he knows how to use all three of those things quite well. He's pretty good with his motor skills and it's scarring me! Up and down, up and down- wears me out!

He and his sister are frick and frack. They really enjoy chasing each other around the living room. Just this week, Olivia has taught Turner how to twirl. (hmmm... daddy's gonna love that one!) And when he spins around he starts to belly laugh.
He wants nothing to do with reading books and can hardly sit through a movie. He wants to be held a lot and has recently been in several time outs. He throws more food from the high chair than he actually eats (I was NEVER going to have a child that launched stuff from his chair.) In fact today I was so proud of him because he finished nearly all of his lunch. When I got him out of his chair practically all of his chicken fell out of his lap. He is a Stinker with a capital S and I love every square inch of him!!! In fact I just can't wait for Quinn to get home because I think Turner is really going to enjoy having a brother. Who knew I could love a boy so much???!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

she's growing up!

And is apparently staring in the Olivia Newton-John Let's Get Physical video with that head band, but I digress.

We were at the Mall this weekend and hit the play area (and I'm sorry but there are some children in there who seem like they are days away from getting their driver's permit running around playing tag and just generally making it hard for mom's with small kids like mine to keep them safe. Huff... but that's a different post) and I saw a transformation happen right before my eyes.

My daughter went from toddler to full-fledged kid. I looked over and there were some older girls playing and O walked right up to them and joined in. Before I knew it the three of them were holding hands and cruising around the play land like they were the stuff. I guess when you're dressed like Aeriel- or Olivia Newton-John- people just want to be your friend.

So I either need to get a tail or some shiny spandex and a sweat band. I'm not sure that translates from the 3 year old crowd to the 30-something; but I'm open to input.
Anyhow... I knew later that day we'd really lost her when Steve suggested in the middle of the day that we "do b-a-t-h-s (FYI; the dashes indicate Steve spelling the word) now rather than later." At which point O yells, "I wanna take a bath." Whoa!
So I said, "OK, what does b-a-t-h spell?"
O: "bath". Hmmmm...
me: "What about m-o-v-i-e?"
O. with confidence, "movie!"
me: seeing the challenge and raising her 500, "O-l-i-v-i-a?"
O: "my name"
me: okay smarty pants : "m-o-m-m-y?"
O: "your name!"
me: "d-a-d-d-y?"
O: "daddy."
me: (ready to apply for college scholarships right after the conversation) "t-u-r-n-e-r?"
O: "BATH!"
Me: (to myself) whew, she doesn't have me beat yet!

little mermaid meets sleeping beauty

This weekend our family headed over to the Dayton Mall for round two of the dance along free ballet series (you may remember back in December we took O and she and I both got matching tutus!) Saturday they were doing Sleeping Beauty so we just had to go. Well, thanks to BeBe, O had a brand new dress-up to wear. A full mermaid costume (including annoying tail that gets in my way !) So while everyone else got into their tutu's O refused since "Aeriel doesn't wear a tutu." Duh! The good thing, this got me out of the wearing the size 3T tutu this time.

What is so funny about my daughter is that she can stay glued to YouTube ballet for an hour. Girl is mesmerized by ballet. But when it comes time to try it or get near it, she's not having it. At one point I dared her NOT to smile (parental disclaimer: I realize it is not good to bribe your kid into doing what you want by enticing disobedience, but let's face it- sometimes- it's the only thing that works!) and naturally it worked. But that was the only moment she broke a grin.

Don't misunderstand me though, girlfriend was f-a-c-i-n-a-t-e-d! Wouldn't stop talking about it-after- we got in the car. For two days she's been twirling and leaping around the house. But while we were there, she was all business. So for now, we'll keep taking her, showing her YouTube clips and hoping one day she'll match her face to her insides.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Take a picture, it'll last longer!

Remember that old 8th grade saying? It's so rude, condescending and I'm sure I NEVER said it to anyone. But here, in the case of the Great Koproski De-clutter Odyssey '09, sadly, it is true!

I've nearly killed myself trying to get my house in selling shape, because we pay the piper today! Our realtor (which by the way, I discovered during my last post that I'm a true idiot. I've been saying realtor WRONG for 36 years! It's true. I was shocked to find the spell check correct me when I kept typing in realAtor. How embarrassing. Why has no one corrected me all these years? I guess spell-check is my only true friend!) is coming today to photograph our house so that we can list it tomorrow.

In the process I have taken well over 25 bags to Goodwill, 11 bags of children's clothes to the consignment shops and heaps and heaps of stuff has gone straight to the garbage.

Toys are out of sight, small appliances are in cabinets and junk drawers now house minimal (dare I say necessary) junk. I'm pretty sure this is how normal people live. You know what, I kinda like it. I feel liberated. Free. Light. And yes, a tad bit psycho. Case in point, Steve came home this morning and left a newspaper on the counter and I had to talk myself down off the ledge. Doesn't he know we've turned over a new leaf around here? That leaf has no room for stuff laying around! Well, like I said, take a picture it'll last longer!

Monday, March 9, 2009


We've come to the point in this whole house selling thing where we are taking the step to get serious. Serious -as in- hiring a realtor, hosting honest to goodness showings and having someone other than a For Sale By Owner sign market our home for us- serious. Guess what he told us, "You'll need to de-clutter a bit."

Apparently this man does not realize that next to the word clutter in the dictionary is a picture of me. I AM the definition of clutter. I try not to be. I really do. In fact, our mini-van has some new "rules". And I'm *mostly* enforcing them. (New rule added just the other day, no one-year-olds who like to throw their drink cups may drink milk in the new van.) We may have had a *small* accident this weekend with just such a milk cup. But now the new rule is being strictly enforced, I swear!

But back to de-cluttering my home. After the realtor left, I felt a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. His advice- just start moving one thing out a day. (Define "one thing") I mean I could nearly have a heart attack just looking at the attic. There happens to be a whole "wing" designated to baby clothes, baby gear and all other baby stuff you can imagine. I mean, isn't that where all baby things should have their final resting place? You never know when you may need that wipes warmer (even if i NEVER used it for either of my kids, neither did my friends who I lent it to and after a few weeks of it cluttering up their homes, they graciously returned it thinking "boy am I glad I didn't register for that useless piece of junk.")

So I took Mr. Fancy Pants' great advice and have begun to tackle "one thing" each day. But this one thing has happened to eat up three days! Sorting through and trying to sell back this baby crap. Olivia has had some very nice and very expensive stuff. (first born, what can I say?) And I've learned some great things about selling back that stuff. One, the stores are pretty picky. Two, the stores only buy seasonally. And three, no store is created equal as far as what is buy-backable.

I gathered (and I do NOT exaggerate) 11 of those enormous Zip Lock Storage bags crammed full of clothing, shoes and coats (THIS is how I found out about the seasonal thing!) and carted them all around the Greater Dayton area. I probably spent as much in gas as I made back in money. However, I am proud to say that I made $130 today. And I can go back in July and try again with all the winter stuff they were not willing to take from me. (And I have some super cute winter stuff, I'll tell you that right now.) I *might* be going back tomorrow with my maternity clothes. If I could even get $25 for that stuff, I'd be happy. I will not shed a tear to see those clothes leave my home! If you've had kids, do you just gag looking at your maternity stuff, or is it just me?

I did mangage to get through Olivia's closets today as well. I got several bags together to go to Goodwill. Oh, and sidenote- would you please promise me one thing? That you will never ever give another baby blanket at a baby shower as long as you live! I bagged up 9 pink un-used baby blankets of Olivia's. They were in the deep dark recesses of her closet. (She happened to be a particularly hot baby and barely required clothing, let alone baby blankets.) But still, even the coldest of babies would never go through that many baby blankets! I know they are soft, cuddly and practically irresistable, but for the love of Pete, stick with what's on the registry!

Tomorrow's project? The "wing" of the attic that has been dedicated to all of Steve's bachelor stuff. It wasn't cool then and it CERTAINLY isn't cool 6 years later. Pretty sure there ain't no store that's gonna give us money for any of that stuff. Sorry, sweetie but I love you though!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I became a mom today.

Nope, there's no word on Quinn. And this is an even more official way of becoming a mom than shooting a large watermelon from where the sun don't shine! We got a mini-van.

I don't know when I became too cool, but the last thing on earth I EVER wanted to drive was a mini van. This coming from a girl whose first car was a Ford Festiva (you remember, the roller skate on wheels of the early 90's?!) and whose second car was a Dodge Neon; whose third car was the NYC transit system and whose 4th car was a Chinese bicycle (you get the point.)

Well, upon entering this marriage gig, I moved up in the world and started driving Steve's super cool and sporty Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was the most glorious 5 years of my life. So glorious I decided early into the marriage I could make the Jeep thing work with any number of children (because my magic number of children at the time was 2... refer back to the shooting of watermelons from the human body!)

But then God did a sneak attack with the whole adoption thing. Wait a minute... this whole 3rd child, orphan boy plan was just a way to break down my pride and cross another "I'll never do THAT as a mom" statement off my list. Nice work, Lord but I'm on to 'ya.

But here I go and swallow my pride because I might have to say, our new Toyota Sienna is super cool and very luxurious. It has leather seats, built in DVD player (make that two cross off's the "I'll never do THAT as a mom" list.) and get this... BUN WARMERS for the front seats. I may have died and gone to heaven. So, take that you Jeep owner! My new car has automatic side door openers and even an automatic rear hatch opener. Olivia is SO FAR away from me, I barely know she's in the car (except when she's whining, crying, talking, singing, bothering her brother etc.) Okay, so I still know she's there, but at least she's really far away now!

So a lesson I've learned in all of this? Never say never! And if you too think you're too cool for a mini van, come on over to the dark side where our kids are far away and our buns are warm.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Film at 11

Um, you just might see my mug on the news tonight in a most wanted section... because I basically ROBBED CVS today.
I got all this for $1.17. Yep. I worked the system baby. Are you convinced yet? Coupons, ECB's you name it, I did it. And it worked. Although the money I saved may have to go toward Weight Watchers after I eat myself back above my goal weight, yikes. I have to admit I was a wee bit embarrassed checking out when 1/2 my order was some sort of sugary substance. Whatever.
Not only did I get all this stuff for $1.17, I also made 17 ECB's for my next chocolate shopping spree.
(Hey, at least I didn't bring home another razor- right, Steve?) Although, I have to admit I WAS tempted. I mean, shoot, if they were just handing razors out for free on the street I'd take one, right??
Anyhow, if you have not looked into this CVS/couponing thing yet, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. Not only is it economical, it's really really fun!!!
*** In case you care and can't get a good look here is what is pictured:
6 bags of Nestle Easter candy
5 bottles of Johnson and Johnson baby wash
1 Diaper Genie refill
1 ginormous heart shaped Russel Stover's box of chocolates
2 Recess Whipps candy bars
1 trial size bottle of ACT mouthwash
1 bag of candy jewelry
1 box of Carnation Instant Breakfast mix
$1.17 people!!! Crazy I tell you!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Candyland or Killmeland?

Back before Christmas I was so excited because Target had board games on super-duper sale. I planned ahead (maybe the first time, ever!) and snatched up Candyland for Olivia's birthday.

Having grown up an only child, I owned tons of games but rarely had anyone to play them with. My mom did a pretty good job of playing with me, but as I recall, I would have played them a lot more if I had my way (see, I told you I wasn't spoiled.)

So in order to give my children a richer childhood than I had, my plans are to play tons of games with them. When Olivia decided to end her rest time an hour early today and asked for a movie the thought occurred to me that it's time to stop relying on Barbie and Cinderella to help me out during the post-nap funk (mine NOT O's) and to start playing games.

Well... Bebe, I have a new found understanding of why you were one round and done on the game thing. It's REALLY FRUSTRATING playing a board game with a 3 year old!

Not only did she change from being the blue guy to the red guy multiple times throughout the first round, she would also decide she liked the card I chose better than the one she had (of course she did, the card I chose shot me all the way across the board and onto the cool pink square with the peanut on it.) But hey, that was my card and I wanted it.
AND THEN when I got stuck on some licorice and had to lose a turn, O's response was "Holy smokers" and then laughed. Nice sportsmanship, Olivia! geeze. So, in the end, I won! (Take that you cheater cheater pumpkin eater) But she wanted to play another round and I'm bored. So, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to put in Barbie's Diamond Castle movie or Cinderella- any votes?