Saturday, August 16, 2008

a full week- part two

After time in Michigan, the kids and I dropped Steve at the Detroit airport (he had to get to a retreat for HIS staff team down in Florida.) We said good bye to daddy and off we went to BeBe and Pa's. (BeBe and Pa are my mom and dad. How my mom came to be BeBe is a whole other post in itself.)
I love this picture because it represents major victory. Nearly 7 years ago my mom began a series of health setbacks, which include a leg amputation. When I was pregnant with Olivia my mom was depressed and worried she would not be able to be the kind of "BeBe" that she wanted to be. While there are still some things that my mom wishes she could do- it was really really fun to see her get down on the floor with O and Turner and read them a book. Time with BeBe and Pa was a bit short but really fun. We went out to eat, got ice cream and played.
I have to say, it's always sad to leave but I'm happy to be home. We have done our fare share of traveling this summer! In fact, the morning we were leaving Michigan O asked, "Where are we going NOW mom?" And yet, our family manages to be inflexible!! How, oh how, can that be??

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