Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to school

It was back to campus for me today. For the past several weeks I have been moaning and groaning about the start of school. Being home this summer without having to juggle a million things in my schedule has been really really nice. I average about 5 hours per week at the University of Dayton (Steve plays Mr. Mom while I'm away.) I've been ministering on college campuses for the past 13 years of my life and this was the first year I've spoken the words, "Maybe I'm ready to be done with this" outloud.
But this morning I loaded up my backpack, kissed the kids good-bye, took a deep breath and marched onto campus. To my delight-- it was GREAT to be back. I got home and Steve asked, "Well, how was it?" (bracing himself the whole time, I'm sure) My answer- "I love campus ministry." It's funny how rusty I can get. I met with several coaches, ran into some students and signed up to be a language partner with a Chinese international student. *I'm really excited about that one!* So even though I'm still dreading juggling the million things in my schedule, I'm happy to report that I'm ready and excited for whatever this school year holds.

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