Wednesday, August 6, 2008

best laid plans...

So we were headed to the kiddie pool to meet Steve this afternoon. He was going to duck out of work early and Olivia, Turner and I were going to meet him there after naps. Sounds fun! With summer quickly drawing to an end we thought we'd better get there maybe one last time. We were on our way (1 blow up whale pool toy, 4 towels, 3 suits, one hat, 2 cans of sunscreen, 2 water bottles and 1 jar of baby food- sweet potatoes- later) we were out the door. We were not one block from the house when O announced that she was sick. Hmm... "What kind of sick?" "My belly hurts" I thought there may be some truth to this since there was an opened yet uneaten package of Princess gummy snacks on her lap (normally the empty wrapper is being handed to me at the exact same stop sign.) Then it was "no, I'm not sick, I want to go to the pool." By the time we got on the highway she was crying. "O, are you going to throw up?" "No, Im all better now." So I left Steve a message saying we were turning around and then I called and told him, no we are still on our way. 2 min. later O threw up there in the back seat. Called Steve back, found the next exit and made it home without another incident. Turner just sat in the backseat looking at me like I was crazy as I got him out of the car seat and hauled him back into the house. So Steve and O watched Cinderella with a nearby bucket "just in case." Oddly enough, she really was fine the rest of the night. In fact, for the rest of the evening she was running around, chasing dogs in the backyard. Oh well, maybe we'll hit the pool another day.

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