Saturday, August 25, 2012

Having fun

It's been a fun few weeks. Now that I've figured out how to add pics from my phone... Here we go! I'll spare you the details of all the pictures but hope you enjoy a quick update in photos because a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still trying

Well, I'm still having problems figuring out how to blog from my phone.  But at least I've figured out one hurdle.  These are pictures from my phone.  Now I just need to figure out how to put it all together :)
I had a post written on my phone about the conclusion of the first week of first grade.  In case I'm able to figure out how to release it from Internet purgatory, I'll spare you all the details.  I will say, however, she LOVES first grade.  I love that she loves it.  She is a big fan of her new teacher who declared her handwriting, "amazing" which is enough to win any six year old over.

I will post more later and hopefully more often.  But I'm just thankful to be able to get some pics off my phone!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First grade

Ok. I'm back trying to blog . I think I have the picture snafoo figured out. And I didn't even need an expert's help. Turns out I'm just an idiot. I didn't need an expert's opinion to tell me that. FYI, if you want something to work, enter the correct user name!

Olivia's first week of first grade was fabulous. I couldn't be more pleased with her teacher.

My kids go to a Montessori school. If you're not familiar with this teaching methodology, it's very cool and not like traditional classrooms. O's class is a combo of first, second and third graders. She will be with this new teacher for the next three years. She will work at her own level.

She was a bit sad that her good friends Lillian and Sara are not in her class. However, Lillian's brother is a third grader and is in her class. She was very excited about that.

One of the Montessori methods and reasons for the combination of ages in a class is for the older kids to help teach the younger kids. So, on the first day the third graders got to pick their seats first. Then the first graders picked. Olivia chose to sit at a table with Lillian's brother. I asked why. "I figured we could sit around all day and talk about Lillian."

Just what every third grade boy wants to do. Sit around and talk about his little sister with her pesky friend.

Over all, first week of school went swimmingly. Here's hoping the posting of pictures does too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First grade eve

It's the last day of summer vacation around here.  Olivia starts first grade in the morning.  OBVIOUSLY my blogging took a turn for the worse lately.  I was able to download the app for  my phone.  I even downloaded an app for pictures.  But for some reason the picture app (Picasa?) won't work.  I had several *knowledgeable* people (meaning people under 40) look at it and they agreed there was something wrong with my app.  Well, I'm not about to pay another $3 when CLEARLY it's not my fault it's not working.  Nor am I about to go down to Cincinnati to stand in line at the Apple store (holy cow that place is enough to make me keep my land line until I die!) so that they can tell me I need to pay another $3 to re-purchase the app.

If you have any input on my sorry situation, I'll gladly take your advice!  Because what good is a blog about our super fun trip to the outer banks without the proof of photos to make you jealous?  Isn't that why blogs exsist anyway?

I will bust out my actual camera in the morning for the annual first day of school picture.  Olivia picked out her new book bag (I let them get a new one every three years when they move to a new classroom.)  Apparently we have graduated from Disney Princesses.  Now we have a straight up ugly book bag.  I think I prefer cartoons. 

For as sad as Olivia was on the last day of Kindergarten, she is equally excited for her new adventure.

Unfortunately, the boys don't head back until after Labor Day.  Is that wrong to say?  I wish they all started back tomorrow.  I'm ready to get back in our schedule.  I guess what I actually mean is, I wish I had a few hours to myself every morning.

As for me, my health is great.  I mean, I think its great.  I don't have any proof now that I don't go to the doctor every other week.  But I feel great.  My next appointment is not until October! 

Well, maybe with time to myself will come time to blog.  I guess time will tell :)