Friday, August 1, 2008

big girl update

well, the votes are in and big girl panties were... a huge success! Yep. we made it through the day with only one accident (which was post nap... nap did include the wearing of snow white undies after which there was a wee bit of an accident - excuse the pun.) It really was my fault . She got up from the nap dry as a whistle and I asked "do you have tinkles" and the 2 1/2 year old answered "no". I failed to insist on a trip to the potty so you really can only blame the 36 year old in the house for that. 10 minutes later there was a "report" of tinkle on the rug.

No harm, no foul, really. We changed the Aeirel undies to the yellow snow whites, a new dress/ new socks (but it is August, who wears socks anyway??) and away we went. We even went out to dinner in underpants- all of us that is :) (with a fresh pair of undies and a new dress in tow - just in case!) Did we need them? NO WAY. She put her poopies and tinkles in the potty everytime, except for the aforementioned accident. Way to go, peanut!

Okay, I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, but all in all- not a bad first day.

Oh, and a Turner update- we switched over to carrots for Turner's dinner (even though you're "only to introduce a new food every few days".) Verdict- better than squash but not better than cereal. Here's hoping tomorrow brings on a carrot lover!

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Traci said...

Seriously totally crack me up, and I have to admit to finding it hard to believe that you do in fact say "tinkles" and "poopies". :)

I'm so glad that you've jumped on the blog bandwagon! If these first three posts are any indication, I think I'll enjoy your adventures in mommyhood.

Are you going to update about your adoption here to? I know we were supposed to have that big phone conversation, but I ended up going to Taiwan and Hong Kong with Herman last fact that's where I'm typing this from.

Love you! We'll definitely talk soon...