Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cousin nick

Because our computer is about to blow up, I'm a bit behind on entries (thus the 3 in one taptime rush today.) But i really wanted to get this pictures posted, particularly so that Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike can see for themselves that their son really did come to our home for dinner Monday night!
Nick is a freshman at UD this fall and it is super fun to have family right down the road. Olivia LOVED having Nick here. She played shy at first and within 10 minutes warmed up. She was being extra goofy and show-offy. It was really cute. She even did several "costume"changes during his 3 hours stay. hilarious! Before he left, he even let her "help" him with his paper. I always knew she was advanced... but college papers... who knew? :) Now all we have to do is get her some help with her hair! (what the HECK is going on with that do in this pic??? sheesh.) My child is folically challenged.