Sunday, August 3, 2008

summer fun

This late morning/early afternoon the 4 of us went to Young's Dairy, a sweet little diary that has goats to pet, a barn to walk through and see the animals, putt putt, yummy ice cream etc. It really is one of the few perks about living in Ohio. Going to a Dairy on a summer Sunday just seems "right." Olivia had fun feeding the goats and really enjoyed her "pink" ice cream which she later declared, "tastes like strawberries." Can't get anything past her! Now the kids are napping, Steve and I are enjoying some quiet (even the dog is lounging around) before the remnant of our House Church come over for dinner to discuss our plan for the fall. (By the way... Steve just went on a recovery mission under the sofa to get whatever object the dog was after. Um, Steve resurfaced with a very obviously aged cherry tomato. Oops!) How did that get there? Life with a 2 year old.

btw- im trying to figure out how to do the layout... forgive the scattered pics. this is my experimental picture post. hopefully you don't need captions, they are rather obvious. And for my big- city friends, I can almost here the mocking from here at the pic of my family on the John Deer. When in Rome!

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sangju said...

Fun, fun, fun! I wish I were in Ohio right now. It's been raining every weekend here. Urgh...