Sunday, October 27, 2013

seasons change

You  know it's been way too long since your last blog post when you can't exactly remember your password to get into your account.

Obviously, I remembered it. 

Summer has turned to fall. 

One month (plus).  Oops.  Things around here have been hopping.  We finished up soccer season.  The Diamond Back Sneaky Snakes (aka known as "Go Red!"- because, honestly, the other team has scored a point by the time you get "Go, Diamond Back Sneaky Snakes!" out of your mouth) won the league championships.

I had my chemo port removed.

Grandma and Papa came and went, we've been to their house and back and I spent 4 nights in Atlanta, Ga for work while Steve held down the fort.  I heard they may have gone out to eat a *few* times.

All is well here.  We are gearing up for Trick or Treat in a few days and I have 2 Ninjas and an Albert Einstein.  Pictures to follow later in the week.