Sunday, August 31, 2008

welcome, Carter

Yay! Here's Carter William Koproski, our newest nephew/cousin. He was born on Thursday. Carter has a big sister, Natalie, who is a bit over 3. Olivia and Natalie are finally getting to the point where they play well together (when we get to see them.) Bummer for us, they live way up north in Michigan.

We are SUPER excited to meet Carter and hope that we get to do so before too long. It will be so fun to have a boy cousin not too much younger than Turner to grow up with! (They are just about 8 months apart. O and N are 9 months apart. Crazy!)

Congrats, Scott, Amy and Natalie. May you get rest soon :)

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bebe said...

`to all kroposki's---- congrats on one very cute little guy. I look so forward to hearing many carter (and big sis also) stories in years to come. enjoy him.