Monday, June 1, 2009

day two

Whew! We made it. Day 2 under our belts. (Or am I about to jinx it???) There is currently a severe thunderstorm watch up for our county, and with a 3 year old who H.A.T.E.S. thunderstorms, I may be a bit premature in congratulating myself for a day well spent.

Day 2 started out with an early (as in 7:50 early) 18 month check-up (even though he's not quite 17 months, whatever). Poor planning on my part- 4 shots today! I usually try and schedule those on an appointment when his daddy takes him

But after a graciously long and quiet nap from both kids, we took it to the back yard. Ahhh.. the sprinkler. What a marvelous invention. Both of my kids enjoyed about an hour and half of cool fun.

Then 1/2 way through, my hair gu-ru Aimee made a house call. I got a hair cut on the back porch as my kids ran their heads off. I feel like if I can have something "fun" each evening to look forward to or get us out of the house, I'll make this run w/ flying colors.
After dinner my kids played quietly and so sweetly together. It was so fun. They had early baths and were squeaky clean and cute. Too good to be true?? Probably.

Even my dog was calm and quiet. (Pretty sure he smells the thunderstorms that are still about a 100 miles away.) Whatever it takes!
So, yeah, looks like we made it. Here I am, settled in watching "I'm a Celebrity, get me outta here" (why is summer tv so bad, yet oh so good?) But probably on the other side of this post is a night full of lightening, thunder and screaming children and crazy dog. Oh well, I'll take good while it lasts.

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