Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Man's work

This is one way to know that daddy isn't home.

I don't know how it works at your house, but at ours we each have "jobs." Most of which have never been declared, per say, but all of which are designated nonetheless.

My jobs include, and are not limited to, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, grocery shopping, putting empty cereal bowls in the dish washer (sorry Steve, I couldn't resist) and pretty much anything includes keeping stuff stocked.

Steve's include, child bathing, mowing the lawn, paying bills, cooking meat, garbage, recycling and anything to do with the outside and automobiles.

So since I've been on my own I've had to pull double duty. Today I did all my own stuff but I also realized there was no magical recycle fairy who shows up just in the nick of time. When one more pop can simply can not teeter one second longer, the recycling usually finds it's way to the garage. Shazamm... today I found out how it makes its way out there! IWAS the recycling fairy...

and bath man not to mention garbage man. Shoot, it's a good thing friends had us over for dinner tonight because I don't think I've eaten meat since Sunday. (Not sure that is a joke.) And wouldn't you know the check engine light went on yesterday (indicating time for an oil change) but sorry, Charlie, mama does have certain lines she JUST won't cross. Hurry home, baby, things just aren't the same around here with out you :)


Bryan said...
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Bryan said...

Hey baby, sittin' here with the Cheryl and Bryan who are reading your fun updates over my shoulder and looking at the amazing pictures....none of you much to my disappointment...Thanks for all you do baby...can't wait to get home to you Steve (not Bryan)

Colleen said...

Unfortunately I am the recycle fairy at my house. My latest post addresses this job and the other jobs I do that I should be getting paid to do! Not that I am bitter...just had a bad day the other day. I'm sure you are looking forward to Bryan's, I mean STEVE'S return....hee hee hee

p.s. The word verification for my comment is "diablobb" word, eh?

KTC said...

oh, even as I read, our recycle bin is overflowing. Sometimes I pretend and ask Jandro to try to take it all out (forgetting that a just-turned-8 year-old really isn't yet a grown man, and might not be able to manhandle the entire recycling mountain.) But, I've gotten really good at stacking it... especially on Victor's week-long trips.

I know the evenings really stink when Daddy is not there. I want to check out, but they're used to renewed energy in the form of a fresh human face greeting them right before dinner, ready to play and read and do 2-minute-egg-timer teeth brushing. With me, it's...hey... get in jammies and try to find your toothbrush and do your best. and be quiet, I'm doing email or on the phone, or on facebook... etc. you get teh idea. less than pleasant family time. Anyway... I feel your pain!!!

cindy said...

Ross and I both chuckled about our common marriage experience... designated jobs, but never discussed or declared. We differ though because we don't have outside jobs or a grill! Hang in there, you're doing a great job.