Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to normal- almost.

Steve arrived home safe and sound late Monday night. It was a very sweet reunion. Maybe husbands should go away for a week+ every once in awhile for the pure appreciation factor. It really has been nice to have him home (and not just for the "stuff" he does, 'cuz let's face it, when you're jet lagged out of your mind, you're utterly useless on many fronts!) Poor guy got home and in less than 12 hours we were loaded up in the van and on our way north to see my parents and an aunt and uncle who were driving through on their way from Arizona to New York state. (Now before you think I'm a heartless witch and start talking about me behind my back, he was fully aware of the jet-lagged state he would be in and he, in fact, insisted on joining us. No guilt trips involved!)

Our visit was a short 2 night stay, but a good one nonetheless. Now we are back home and getting back to normal. Steve is just about over jet lag, the weather is cool if not a bit drizzly and we are looking at a mighty fine weather weekend. But this brings me to one major disappointment of my week.

No word on our travel approval for Quinn. I was so sure I would receive that while Steve was in China. No word. Then I figured we would get the TA this week, no luck. I feel like up until now I've been able to be rather patient. Have a good perspective. Now it's just getting downright hard and frustrating. I guess more due to my own, perhaps unrealistic, expectations. This whole time (meaning since October) when we received our referral, I've thought we would go and pick Quinn up early summer. Guess what, early summer is here and slipping through our fingers rather quickly.

I know we will get him when we get him. God's timing is perfect and really, there is NOTHING I can do to speed things up or slow things down at this point. But honestly, last week when Steve was away I had several melt downs as I had this incredible sadness in my heart of "several members of my family are missing and I want them home!" 2 of my "boys" were in China last week without me and it made me long for our completed family.

I'll continue to wait and hope that the Travel Approval comes on Monday. One of these days it will arrive and we will celebrate and these agonizing days will be a distant memory. But dang it, I want my son out of that blasted orphanage and home where he belongs.

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