Saturday, June 13, 2009

summer fun

Since our family is still making up for some lost time together, Steve took off early from work last night and we decided to go out on a family adventure.

Word on the street was that there is a really cool garden with a FREE kid's play area just a few miles from our house. Naturally, we like to drive really far and spend lots of money for places we don't enjoy that much, or at least that seems to be our tendency. We set out last night to put a stop to that pattern.
Enter: Dayton's Children's Discovery Garden. What a hidden treasure in our fair city! And it was literally 7 minutes from our house (would have been less if we had actually known where we were going!) There were several different play areas in this "garden" including a bunch of water activities for the kids. Perfect for our kids' ages.

There was also a sand area. The table was fun and Turner LOVED being able to get dirty. The only problem we had was trying to get him to keep the sand ON the table. (boys will be boys!)

So this is Turner wanting OUT of his time out after we had told him "Don't throw the sand out of the table area" about 17 times. Some lessons just have to be learned the hard way. The crazy thing about this play area is that we were nearly the only people there. There were 2 other families there while we were there. It was lovely! We will go back, FO SHO!
After our family outing we went to dinner at Olivia's favorite spot (mine too, if the truth be told.) Most 3 year olds beg to go to McDonald's; ours begs to go to Milano's (a local chain that serves baked subs and pizza....mmmm!) She mostly likes it because they have video machines at the booth and a game that you can win stuffed animals at.
On our way home we drove with the windows down and our hair blowing in the wind. What a perfect ending to a summer fun day.


Mommin' It Up! said...

i LOVE Wegerzyn Gardens! we usually go a few times a summer. we should go together next time!

Colleen said...

That place looks so fun!