Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazy Hazy Summer Days

Pretty much my summer has been a summer of waiting. Waiting for Steve to come home from China and waiting to get word on travel for Quinn . So in the meantime, I've decided to fully embrace summer television. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And while I'm embarrassed to say it out loud, I LOVE summer tv! I started out the summer season with some whining and complaining after American Idol wrapped up and I realized it would be another full 6 months before I had something truly inspiring to lose brain cells over. But lo and behold... along came I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here.

Go ahead, roll your eyes and cast some judgemental comments my way, but this show sucked me in the week Steve was away (it's on four nights a week and when you're home bound with two little ones tucked away and no other adult companionship; a Costa Rican jungle full of near celebrities will do just fine.)

Not to mention SANJAYA was going to be on and oh how I loved to hate him two seasons ago on the American Idol. Well, what a fun little surprise he has turned out to be. I am a bonifide Sanjaya Malakar F.A.N. For a spindly 130 lb. guy (they weighed in earlier this week and he's down to 123 lbs) he can kick some jungle booty! And once Holly Montage (from the show The Hills- which I've never seen) entered the jungle, a little summer romance started between the two and I was hooked!!! These two are both super likable and I found myself pulling for them right away (not enough to actually pick up my phone and vote or anything, but a silent pull nonetheless.)

The show has had an interesting blend of annoying people, true blue leadership, aforementioned romance and lots of trials in which these "celebrities" had to eat gross stuff (always a good laugh in my book.) The shame of it all is that it ends tonight. I'm hoping Lou Diamond Phillips will be crowned "King of the Jungle" (he sure was good in La Bamba) but I'm left wondering what will I do with the next two months of summer? Read? Clean? Catch up with friends? Invest in my marriage? OR... start watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Don't call me Wednesdays at 9, I won't be picking up.

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