Sunday, May 31, 2009

One down, eight to go

Well, it's here. My first week long solo mission. I'm pretty sure I can make it. We'll see. Let's just say we got off to a rocky start though.
With just 5 hours under our belt *the ice machine in the fridge broke, *the light in the kitchen went out (it's one of those really high halogen kind- b/c I AM capable of screwing in a light bulb- thank you very much!) *my son was running around the yard holding dog poop which I rescued him from (but not before he had stepped on it, getting it all over his shoes which in turn got all over my shorts)
** disclaimer** that is NOT dog poop around T's mouth. It IS, however, dirt from those filthy chairs pictured right behind him. He's such a little dirt ball.** end disclaimer
*the dog went completely pshyco and for some reason would not come out from under our bed and when I went to get him he growled and snapped at me. So I'm pretty much guessing tomorrow can only get better.
As I was preparing O for her daddy's departure the other day I asked her what fun stuff she would like to do. She told me, "One day we could go to the mall. One day we could go swimming. One day we could play toys. One day we could paint cupcakes." The list went on and on but at the top of the list was definitely "painting" cupcakes.

So before Steve could get through the doors at the Dayton airport, Olivia was scheduling our cupcake party. And that is just what we did.

Thanks to Aunt Kerry (Steve's sister who doesn't have kids yet and therefore gives those fun Aunt kind of gifts) O has a cupcake decorating kit that I barely ever get out. Well, today we broke it out.
We were having friends over for dinner and I put the cupcakes out but also made an adult friendly cake version. Although who doesn't want to eat a cupcake that's been man handled by a budding 3 year old artist?? (And yes, that just might be the paint brush IN her mouth. But don't worry, friends who ate dinner at our house, I assure you we did not put that one out for YOU.)

Hi Daddy we love you and we miss you!

O wanted to save one for you but I'm afraid she just couldn't wait that long. That will teach you to make your trips shorter next time! Stay tuned to see what other fun stuff we've planned for operation Daddy Storm.

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cindy said...

Here's the question, Did O know the letters for "DAD" and why did she not know them for her preschool application interview?