Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm just not that flexible

While I have never been able to do the splits, that's not the kind of flexibility I'm talking about here. When Steve and I were engaged we went through some pre-marital counseling with our good friend Ed. Ed gave us a test, not to see if we were compatible or if this whole thing would take, but rather to uncover any blind spots or areas of weakness in our relationship (weakness, who? US? right.) Lo and behold the test uncovered that we are both *rather* inflexible. Neither one of us does a great job with a change in our plans or a wrench in the works. This has caused various points of tension over the past 6 years, but thanks to Ed's great counseling and "the test" we are aware of our issues and can usually, after a few go-rounds, nod our heads and say, "Oh, yeah, I forgot YOU are inflexible."

Well... enter adoption. Just what the freak were two incredibly inflexible people thinking? People have asked us time and time again what made us want to adopt? That is a very difficult question to answer. Because in fear of sounding like a loon the only really solid answer I can come up with is God wanted us to. And I couldn't be happier and more excited (especially since I didn't have to deal w/ baby weight on this one. Funnel cakes, yes, birthing a baby, no!)

I'll tell you what though, this final stretch to getting Quinn is really maxing me out on this flexibility thing. We finally did get word this afternoon from our agency coordinator that our "stuff" (I'll just call it that because you don't care about the technical jargon. I'm not being rude, it's just that I DON"T CARE about the technical jargon. I just want the right papers at the right office) is now with the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs and there it will sit for approximately the next 3-4 weeks until they issue us our Travel Approval. Shoot!

So here is the deal... since God is the One who wanted us to adopt, I will wait for His timing. And I'm still going to ask Him for travel to Quinn in July. It DOES NOT appear to be humanly possible! And maybe it won't be. But all things are possible with God. Would you please pray with us for a miracle by human standards? How fun would it be to be able to brag on God all over this blog if He answered that? And even if His answer is, "August travel is best for you and Quinn" then I'll still brag on God all over this blog.

And you know what? In the midst of this, Steve and I are stretched further and our flexibility muscle is getting stronger. (I was trying to get better triceps but I'll take a toned flexible muscle too.) In fact, just the past two days we've been trying to plan a 2 week Colorado trip for work that we had already cancelled b/c of China travel- that we may or may not even take. The flexibility in that goes against everything we are and who we've been for the past 3o some years. But through this adoption process, may we not stay the same.

Hang in there just a little longer, little boy, we'll be there just as soon as we can! We just might have to make a quick trip to the Rockies first.


Jen said...

I feel your pain, sister!! I found out today that "our" stuff" is sitting at the Consulate! Funny, you mention praying for a human miracle......all I can say is that God is being flooded with that request from here as well! But I LOVE your statement...."that with GOD ALL things are possible". AMEN!

KTC said...

What a hard wait! Will pray with you. And... Happy Birthday, a day or 2 early. :) much love!