Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's good to belong

We have the COOLEST kiddie pool in town and this summer, we have a family membership! The big pool at it's deepest is 3 feet, which is perfect for my kids!

Because it is only a quick 15 minute drive from our house and the crowd thins around 4pm (right after naps at our house) we tend to hit the pool for an hour and a half or so and Steve meets us after work. Its been super fun this summer.

And I've watched Olivia blossom. In fact, this afternoon, Olivia was totally the popular girl at the pool. (It did a mother proud.) She brought a small ball and quickly had a gaggle of "big kids" around her who wanted in on a game of catch. I left her for about 45 minutes where she and several other kids played catch (check her out in the middle there!)
A new element O has acquired this summer at the pool is independence. I can leave the girl to chase her brother and she is happily playing by herself. Just today she ventured out and for the first time tackled the "mushroom." Until today she didn't even want to go near it. Super fun!

Turner is another story. He's a major challenge! He's not that into water in general (which makes a trip to the pool challenging.) But if he has a car or anything with wheels, he's good to go.
One thing that has left me mystified this season at the pool is what some moms choose to wear. It really is a test in good 'ole fashion common sense, judgment and not to mention good taste. I've seen more boobs, rolls, vulgar tattoos and a certain style of suit that kind of swoops in on the sides leaving WAY too much exposed, for my taste. Usually I'm wondering what mom would let their 16 year old out of the house with "that" swim suit, but after my summer thus far, I'm wondering what 16 year old is letting their mom out of the house with "that" swim suit? I sincerely hope that I would have a friend that would gently sit me down or slap me upside the head if I headed off to the kiddie pool like that.
But thankfully, my Target special with the "skirt" (which once upon a time I SWORE I would never wear; but now appreciate the *need* for a skirt) doesn't exactly expose much. But should you see me and disagree, I'm open to the head slap. Here's to two more months of shock and horror, I mean pool fun.


Susie said...

i won't judge your store bought birthday cakes if you don't judge me when I wear my swoopy in on the side suit this summer. See you at the pool!

Joyful mom said...

Oh my goodness, I am soooo with you--what in the world do woman wear to the pool? I sit there with my mouth open at the things I see. It is entertainment for me in itself. I guess we are so NOT living in a modest society these days :)

Stunning pics. Gorgeous pool.

lisa said...

fun post E!!! What I was wanting though are some headless, anonymous shots of the kinds of swimsuits you're seeing!!!