Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At your service

I read a ton of interesting blogs. Some make me feel as if I'm living in New York City, some have interesting shopping tips, several involve fashion or girls' jobs in the fashion industry. Many are about my friends' lives, which is always interesting.

One in particular, Big Mama, makes me laugh out loud each and every day. It's mainly about her daily life as a mom in Texas. Somehow that lady can make even a trip to the neighborhood pool seem glamorous and like a ton of fun.

So I guess that's why I'm here.... to make YOUR life seem interesting and glamorous. Because honestly, sometimes I think why the heck am I writing about THIS?? Case and point: the most interesting thing I've been working on recently is spray painting our old bistro set.

When Steve and I got married 6 years ago, I just HAD to have this adorable white, rod iron bistro table from Pier 1. (Thanks, mom, for making all my dreams come true!) Because I could already see Steve and I having coffee every morning at this darling table- isn't that what all married couples do? Yeah, well, we used it a few times, but I forget sometimes that we live in Ohio where it's really only comfortable to sit outside about 7 weeks out of the year.

It looked really cute on our back porch though!

Hey, that sucker is HEAVY. And there may have been a *few* winters we didn't take it inside. So, lately the white rod iron is a bit more rust colored. And then this summer it got totally replaced by a great new patio set from Target (since our family has expanded to a few more than Steve and I.)
So I got the brilliant idea to re-invent the bistro table by painting it black. Steve told me I would need to use a wire brush first and then paint it. I've never wire brushed anything before and because I'm lazy and like to find short cuts, I was happy to find out that the rust wasn't so readily coming off with the wire brush so I did an obligatory swipe at the 2 chairs and the table and was off to spray paint. (Please excuse that rotting fence in the back ground, that is our next backyard project.)

I was happy to find that it only took me 2 cans of paint and 2 coats on each piece of furniture to bring our little set back to life. (I'm not too sure how this happened, but I also managed to put a double coat on my feet. I was able to scrub most off in the shower today.) Oops.
We moved the bistro from the back to the front where I'm sure we'll have many more cups of coffee together greeting our neighbors! After all, we've still got about 5 more weeks of good of weather here in Ohio until we have to retire the set for another year.
So this blog entry has been my public service to you. Hopefully you can walk away saying, "Whew, at least my life isn't so dull that all I have to talk about is a refinished bistro table!" - for lots of paragraphs. I'm glad I could help you out. Now I'm off to read some really cool blog.

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