Saturday, June 13, 2009

No contest

This morning I faced a real moral dilemma. As Steve and I discussed our options for the day, it came down to a battle of good vs. evil. Work out or go to a Street Festival in a cute, artsy, if not a bit weird, nearby town called Yellow Springs.

Evil funnel cake won. And why wouldn't I decide on funnel cake over kickboxing every time? Isn't that the normal thing to do? I made a vow today... I vow to eat funnel cake EVERY Saturday from now until August. That sounds like a wise and Weight Watchers friendly thing to do! (And just to clear my innocent name, I only had a *taste* of evil.) The rest was eaten by my husband and children-- because "You're never to young for angioplasty", that's our family motto.
Speaking of family, do we look like hillbillies in this shot or what? It was against my better judgement to post this picture (since we're much cuter in real life) but we rarely get a shot of us all together.

We were able to capture it today because our good, and always available festival going friends, the Hardy's met us there. (The two of our families always manage to find bombs of festivals and have a good laugh together. But this one was quite a good find!)

Matt, Sally, Steve and I have been good friends for years and now our kids are growing up together. It is super fun to have kids about the same age and have them be "best friends."
As soon as we got there, Olivia spotted some girls with princess crowns. There was no peace to be had until girlfriend was the proud owner of a crown. Ava joined in the princess fun.

After the funnel cake plate was licked clean, my Indian food (yes, the typical fair fare don't 'ya think) had promptly fallen on the ground and Turner was grumpier than all get out from the heat and no nap, we got in the van and headed back to downtown Dayton. (Sad you weren't on that van ride, arn't 'ya?) Summer marches on and we'll see if I can keep the funnel cake streak alive! Wish me luck.

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alpenak's said...

Hey, haven't been on your blog in forever! The kids are HUGE! Just wanted to say that the AlpenaK's are very jealous to see the DaytonK's wearing shorts and swimsuits! We have been freezing our buns off in this lovely Michigan fall-er-spring weather. Hope to see y'all soon!