Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take me to the pool, baby

I have a great habit of talking "us" into memberships. Memberships of all kinds. I'm a firm believer in being a member, saving money and loyalty. The problem is, being members at different places has not always worked out quite like it did in my mind (see post about our Cincinnati Zoo membership.) Well, this summer is going to be different!

We got a membership to the Kettering Rec Pool, which I am a huge fan of! It is a little less than a 15 min. drive from our house. There is a fabulous kiddie pool where nothing is above 3 feet. Perfect for our kids. The problem, it doesn't open 'til noon. Not a problem if you don't have afternoon napping kids. But, we do. So we don't roll into the pool until about 3:30/4:00. So unless we have a season pass, it's just not worth our money. So I've anxiously been waiting for a warm day this week to take the kids. I may have pushed it a bit yesterday. But come hell or high water, we were going swimming. The kids had fun (and a few goosebumps.) Here we are sitting out having a snack.
Now most people go to the pool to swim. Not us, we go to the pool to eat. Not long after snacks we decided to eat dinner there. Here is Turner eating his mistake of a dinner. *Editorial note* If you go to the Kettering Rec and decide to feed your kids, DON'T get them the cheeseburger from the snack bar. They were like dried up hockey pucks. Luckily I didn't buy my dinner there (I was saving money and waiting 'til we got home.) Or else I saw them pull the meat off the grill and changed my mind. Whatever.

Here is O wondering why I just didn't take them to "Old McDonald's." Great question O. Next time Daddy goes to China for a week without us, that's exactly where we'll go.
I did get a wee bit of insight into Turner's budding personality after they "ate" their dinner. (Mostly they just looked at it and ate the bun. I can't blame them for that!) At the concession stand there was a jar of nickel candies. The way I got O to eat anything was to promise a sucker when she was done (Weight Watchers, here she comes.) Knowing I couldn't come back empty handed, I grabbed a Twizzler for Turner (because I just hate it when he has a Dum-Dum sucker, he ALWAYS eats the stick.) I unwrapped the Twizzler, cleaned up our spot and by the time I got back Turner was red faced, screaming and the candy was on the ground. "Oh, Turner, here." I grabbed the Twizzler and gave it back. Here's the kicker...
Kid looked me straight in the eye, threw the Twizzler down and yelled right at me. Surprised, I picked it back up and we did it all over again. Finally, I got his drift. Boy was TICKED that he didn't get a sucker too. Well, I wouldn't *normally* do this but I went up and got a dang sucker just to make him happy (yes, we have reached that point in our daddy-less week where I'm doing just about anything to keep the screaming children at bay). Worked like a charm. Don't you know he popped that sucker in his little pie hole and off we went. Plus mommy got a Twizzler out of the deal. Not bad for day #6. Now, on to the home stretch.

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