Thursday, June 25, 2009

Headed for greatness

As we tried to keep from turning into little piles of Polish blobs in the 94 degree heat (and yet wanting to keep them outdoors- hey, the heat ensures a great nap, what can I say?) it was time to break out the Play dough.
I remember when O was still too little to crawl, longing for the day we could bust out the Play Dough. I spent many hours of my childhood with the Play Dough barber shop. It was so fun squeezing out that hair and then cutting it all to do it over again. Well, I'm not sure if they even make the Play Dough barber shop anymore, but we don't own it. We do own a variety of cookie cutters and plastic knives though.
I have to admit that as O created, I cringed. I had to bite my tongue more than once when I wanted to correct her for swirling the colors. How quickly you go from being 3 to 37, have I lost all sense of fun and creativity? But doesn't she KNOW that the pink stays with the pink and the blue with blue??? Ugh.
As for her brother, he's more interested in how much he can eat without me seeing him do it. Maybe art just isn't his thing.
We indeed survived the heat and a long nap was had by all. Its a fine line between tiring them out and child abuse!

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