Monday, September 28, 2009

Trials and Triumphs

I'm gonna start with my triumph of the day. Why? Because I want to and that's all I'm sayin'. It's been a few weeks (like the 8 since Quinn has been home) since I've really scored at CVS. Mostly because I have not taken the time to strategize. Also because CVS just hasn't thrilled me. But this week... I'm BACK.

ps. It doesn't hurt that the plague descended upon our house the past week and a half and I'm swimming in CVS gift cards. So I got all of this for nothing. Nada. Not one red cent. PLUS I made myself 24 ECBs AND I still have nearly $11 on a CVS gift card. Some of the products you may not be able to see are the Dawn liquid soap, the Vaseline lotion and the Aveeno shampoo. Not to mention the clearance Princess lunchbox and some Tide stain release that I L.O.V.E. With coupons and my ECBs and the gift cards, I walked out like a bandit... making money! Ahhh.. Its good to be back.
Now on to the trial... I took my three kids to Kroger for my weekly shopping trip. It was a bit challenging. But shoot, its only three kids three and under, I can do this!

Its all about the strategy. Olivia pushed her own cart and only hit the backs of my heels twice, causing them to bleed just a *little.*
Turner and Quinn started out in the car part of the cart, but when slapping, pinching and jabbing of the eyes began, I moved to the separation strategy. Since Turner was the culprit of all such behavior, he was removed from the driver's seat and was forced to sit where mommy could keep an eye on things.
The biggest challenge with Quinn is keeping his shoes on. Pretty much every where we go, his shoes are off... immediately. Its frustrating, but at least he stayed put.

Who knew there would be entertainment at the store? But we hit the seafood department and the lady behind the counter let all three of the kids touch the octopus. A bit gross if you ask me but it got them to all quiet down for a moment. Turner was the only one who cried. I nearly did too.
Then it was off to the sample department. We filled our faces, checked out and headed home. Oh, pretty much I didn't save a dime because the goal of this trip was not to save but to survive. Sometimes that is a good enough goal.

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jenny from mommin' it up! said...

seriously, you are super woman! I don't know how you take three to the store!! and awesome job on the CVSing!