Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No news is good news, so they say.

I'm sitting down to write a post and I'm afraid I got nothin'. I thought about writing about the gong show that nap time has been around here the past couple of days. But that's nothing new. Nor exciting. Wah wah wah. Poor Elizabeth doesn't get her hour to herself.

My spinning class was good. I sweat my butt off. But really, that's not exactly news. NEWS would be that I went to spinning class and it was hard (yada yada yada) but I have reached maximum physical potential and today DID NOT sweat nor wanted to die. But if that is the barometer for news, no news here.

I just finished making tonight's dinner (it's only 2:15, oh, sorry, is that bragging?) but that's because a friend of mine from church has been sick for a week and I thought I'd help them out by bringing dinner. Because I have to go to the quackopractor for an adjustment this afternoon, I had to have dinner ready in time to take it to her before I go to my appointment. Maybe I should have a deadline like that everyday so that dinner makes it on the table in a timely fashion.

Speaking of the chiropractor, I get a free adjustment today because it's customer appreciation day. They ought to appreciate me. I have single handedly put this guy's kid through college! I have to bring some canned goods and I get a free session. Why is it whenever I donate canned goods I get rid of what WE don't like? Hopefully some underprivileged folks like beets, creamed corn and butter beans. Which really begs the question, why do we have those things and did I ACTUALLY buy them at one time? (I probably got them for free once at CVS and don't remember.) Yeah, like CVS is giving away beets. Razors? yes. Beets? notsomuch.

Anyhow. Now that the season of More To Love is over, I have nothing to look forward to on Tuesday nights. So, pretty much, its 2:15, I'm hearing the pitter patter of feet running from room to room upstairs, dinner is made, my pantry is de-cluttered of all useless canned goods and my back will be fixed once again. I'm calling this one a day. Hopefully, Wednesday brings a more exciting post. For your sake and mine.

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