Thursday, September 17, 2009

Treading water

Sorry about the delay in between posts lately. I feel like I'm just trying to keep my head above water these days. Life if full and busy and good. With O in school every day, my job back on campus in full swing (albeit very part time, but keeping me crazy nonetheless) house cleaning, doctors appointments for kids, mom in the hospital, dad under the weather, workouts and the season finale of More to Love to catch... I can just barely stay afloat. (which may have to be a whole other post in and of itself.) Don't hear me complaining, its more like justifying my infrequent blog activity.

Which is sad for me. I love to blog. It helps me stay sane. It helps me make sense of the tantrums, the disobedience, the clutter, the rusharoundness that is my life. It makes me feel like I have something to say more than, "No, you can't have ANOTHER cookie." "Don't hit your brother." "Time out!" "Do you want an ear flick?" and other stuff like that.

Throughout my day it occurs to me, "That would make a good post." But recently, by the time 8 pm rolls around (or nap time) I find I have a list of a million other things to do (or dare I confess, watch on tv?) that I have been putting blogging to the side.

Or some days I think, do people (and by people I mean you dozen or so who read this thing) really want to read about another mundane day at my house? Another failed attempt at eating well? Another festival we've attended? But I think my mom does, right Bebe?!

So, I'm back at it. Blogging, hopefully, helps me keep my sense of humor at the simple things that seem to be my life these days. As I look forward to the next month of life, I take in a deep breath and hope that my treading is strong enough to keep my head above water for a few more weeks. Coming up we've got a student retreat, Steve's birthday, Quinn's second birthday (but such a significant one and I really want to make it special) more doctors appointments for Quinn, parent teacher conferences at Olivia's school and then Quinn's big surgery. Gulp. Thankfully, Jesus goes before me and Steve goes next to me. And hopefully YOU will be along for the journey as well.

Just be patient as I try to keep up with it all and a have bit of fun along the way.

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