Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakin the law

I may have mentioned before that in our short 5 weeks home with Quinn we haven't exactly "followed the rules." Which is so odd, because I'm a TOTAL rule follower. Seriously! I was never grounded, not once, growing up. I got one demerit in high school because the teacher could see my boxer shorts underneath my uniform skirt. There was that one time I was about to go toilet papering, but never quite made it. Like I said, pretty much a rule follower.

So when we were preparing to bring home a little guy from China, we were required to go through some international adoption education. Some of it was helpful, some of it was boring but almost all of it scared the socks off of me. They pretty much made it seem like we would be entering about a year of lock down. "Don't let anyone other than you and your husband hold your new kid. Don't put them in child care. DO start using a family bed." Life as i knew it...over.
Well, this rule follower pretty much deviated from the first day. First things first, family bed??? With a 2 year old boy? H_ll no! Not let anyone else hold him? Kid can walk anywhere he wants to go. He was at an outdoor rock concert 3rd night home and jamming! L.O.V.E.S. going to the YMCA childcare while I work out (the workers are marvelling at how much progress he's made in such a short time.)

Don't know what the family bedders would say about cross-dressing for your new Chinese kid (actually, they are probably in favor) but Quinn has a sister who is rather fond of dressing him up like a princess. And he's not arguing.

If you're into the family bed concept... more power to you. Forgive my mockery. It's just not the way we roll around here and it certainly wasn't going to start now. There are 16 other hours in the day for me to bond with my new child, and that's working out just fine.
I'd say things in genearl are working out just fine, but the whole inspiration for this post is my screaming bloody murder newest addition who is recently taken to protesting nap time. He'll sleep about 30 minutes and then scream his sweet little head off. I KNOW there would be some people opposed to that. (I'll admit, I'm even having a bit of a hard time with it.) But here in this house, we have a mandatory rest time, even if you don't sleep. Let's just say, mama NEEDS the rest time more than anyone!

The greater mystery (Other than why he won't sleep. Until 4 days ago, he took a fine nap) is how in the world his brother can sleep soundly 5 feet away in the next crib. Amazing! I have to believe it is good for both of them. If you are flipping out at my allowing him to stand in his bed and scream until his head is wringing wet, don't be too alarmed, I did go up there, hug him and kiss him and tell him his nap is not over. I'm not too sure it comforted him a whole lot, but it made me feel better. And isn't that really what parenthood is all about?

I never knew nap time could be so exhausting!!


cindy said...

Can't he have a favorite nap time toy or something?... I'm miserable thinking about him screaming for 30 minutes. Guess I'm more of a softy than you'd think. And how can you get rest if he's screaming anyway.

JRT said...

It took Lewis 6 months or so to nap at all. And that was trying EVERYTHING. When you get to the point where you know it's okay to leave him for a while, comforting him like you did, then it's okay. You will know, and it may be a few months into it. We had to drive around for him to sleep. I have never had so much dry cleaned & so many iced coffees as last summer. Not fun. He sounds like such a champ, though! Yeah!