Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our newest chapter


Back in the spring we decided to put Olivia in our Public school system for pre school. A risky decision at best. But one that we've mulled over for years and that I personally have considered long before I had kids.

Which is truly ironic since I never spent one day of my life in a public school.

But as a person whose life is completely engulfed in the Christian world (for better and for worse) I thought I would like my children to be exposed to life outside of our Christian bubble. With the understanding that the first time I feel as though she is being "indoctrinated" or bringing home values that go against our own (that we can not talk through) she's outta there.
I sometimes contemplate, if all the Christians put their kids in Christian schools, who are left to be the lights? Now, maybe that should not be the job of this 3 year old... and I am very willing to say I've been wrong and put her into our local Christian school if I find we've made a mistake, but for now we're gonna give this Montessori school a chance (and at $25 for the WHOLE year, them are some good chances.)
I know I'm a *bit* biased, but if you were a preschool teacher, wouldn't you just love having this little thing walk into your classroom?
Steve dropped her off this morning at 7:45 and she was all confidence as she walked out the door. She looked over her shoulder and yelled, "Bye, mom." Apparently she didn't want any help from Steve UNTIL she got out of the car and it was time to walk up to the school. Then things got a bit dicey.
I guess she cried a bit when the teacher came and greeted her. But being the professional that she is, Mrs. S whisked Olivia away and introduced her to another girl in the class named Olivia. Steve snuck out the back and away we went.
My morning was normal, we went to the Y and it was nice just having the two boys. Dare I say quiet? quieter? I did get a bit misty eyed at one point when Turner looked over his shoulder in the van to O's seat, pointed and said, "Sister?" There was definitely an Olivia mouth sized hole in the car!

After getting home from the Y, the boys had about 1/2 hour to play (and I had a 1/2 hour to fold laundry) and then we loaded back up to get O. The boys were a little less than thrilled to be piling back into the van so soon. Well, they better get used to it 'cuz this is the new normal. Nothin' that a few fruit snacks won't cure.

And this is what we found waiting for us. A smiling Olivia. She was pretty proud of herself that she "already ate lunch so I don't need any when the little boys eat, okay mom?" I've been trying to pump her for information all afternoon on what went down at the school. No luck. In fact, as a little after school treat I let her watch a bit of her Barbie movie and when I kept asking her questions about her day she finally looked me dead in the eye and said, "Mom, can you please just let me watch my movie?" Then she got up and moved herself to the sofa where she could hear better. I guess this is all pay back for the years I gave my mom garbage answers about school. Oh well, and the beat goes on.


The Hardy's said...

Too cute! I'm glad that she had a good day and it seemed you did too:) So fun hanging out with you all this weekend!

jenny from mommin' it up! said...

Joshua won't answer any of my questions about school, either! GRR! Olivia looks so cute. Her teacher is lucky to have her!