Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear life,

I'm calling in sick. That's right, I need a sick day. But guess what? Mom's don't get a sick day. I tried last week when I had the revenge of the guacamole. And although Steve was a great help and went above and beyond, there's just something about mommy "being around" that doesn't allow for a true sick day.

Starting on Saturday night I began to feel it *coming on*. I got the achies and then the chills and then a fever and headache. Too bad for me because the show must go on. Plus I'm an idiot to boot and I don't like to call things off. Like our house church for example. We hosted 9 adults and 5 kids on Sunday night. Then after putting the kids to bed, I cleaned up the mess and got out round two (which included brownie sundaes) for several college students from 8:30-10pm. By the end I was curled up in a little ball under a blanket with a 101.7 degree fever.

Yesterday I felt good in the morning and went to Pilates (dummy!) I figured it got us out and moving and maybe that would help me fight the bug. Then it was on to our third Pediatrician's appointment in one week during my regularly appointed babysitting time that I get each Monday to give me some "time to myself". I guess it worked out well because I'd rather take 1 kid to the doctors office than 3 any day. I pretty much ran myself into the ground yesterday and paid the price by last night as I was once again in a ball on the couch WITH A FEVER and now add a SORE THROAT for good measure.

So today I've had it. But its not exactly a sick day. (I pretty much envision my throat closing and me being unable to breath within the next 6 hours, but I'm pressing on) Since I couldn't deal with the noise and the fighting, I loaded up the boys and we went to Target. I pretty much had to drag myself down the aisles but it beat breaking up the fights and such around here. I picked up McDonald's so I didn't have to fix lunch. Got Olivia from school and popped in a movie. All that pretty much earnes me a nomination for mommy of the year, I know. But a sick mommy's gotta do what she's gotta do! I'm waiting for Steve to come home so I can make my 1:45 doctor's appointment, where hopefully he'll prescribe me a miracle drug to release me from my illness.

If that sounds like a calling in to life sick day to you, then I'm doing it. I may go to my doctor's appointment and never come back. Hooky from motherhood is sounding good right now. Or at least sneaking up to my bedroom unannounced and grabbing a short nap would do. If this post was too whiny for your taste, sorry. Here's the positive note: assuming I DO get prescribed a wonder drug today, I will have made $100 in CVS gift cards in the last 7 days. Now that's a silver lining if there ever was one! I just hope I feel up to spending in the near future~!

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KTC said...

sorry friend! The kids are sick here, too. I just carry the giant purell container from place to place around the house all day long... pretty much all winter long! I have a scratchy throat, but so far haven't gotten what they have. I've been ignoring it and making them still do a full school load. Yesterday it all melted down, and with Victor away on a trip, I got to handle it all by myself. :) fun, fun. anyway, will pray for you to feel better soon. Lots of movies!!! --Karen