Friday, September 18, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

You may remember a certain incident earlier this month involving dinner w/ a friend, a veggie wrap and a public toilet? Well, me and my relationship with guacamole is officially over! In the toilet, some may say. You would think I would have learned my lesson, but maybe my experience with the vicious veggie wrap was a lot like giving birth... you forget the pain and are willing to revisit the scene of the crime all too quickly once time has healed all wounds.

I was on campus yesterday. I look forward to my weekly visit to campus for LOTS of reasons. Shamefully, one of them being my "treat" of eating in the student union cafeteria. Its not that the food is all that good (although, its not all that bad) but it really is the love of someone else making me lunch that gets me excited each week. I did a quick scan of my options (and the lunch time crowds that seem to hit the same time I make my debut in the union each week) and noted a chicken burrito that seemed *interesting*.

I got to my table and my friend, Liz, joined me for our weekly appointment. As I bit in and inspected the innards, I realized there was guac in it. A distant thought of caution ran through my mind, or was it more of a repulsion? But because I like to live on the edge, I pushed onward and finished my lunch. It wasn't 10 minutes after polishing off the burrito that I realized I had made a terrible mistake!!!

Guacamole's revenge. It was total deja vu! I got that same knot in my stomach and that same dreaded feeling. I quickly called off the rest of my appointments for the day, high tailed it to my car, crawled into bed and "fought it" for the next three hours and then; guess what?

Guacamole: 2, Elizabeth: 0!

I spent the next 4 hours barfing and VOWING to NEVER, EVER eat the green stuff again!!!

So, I don't know... am I a complete head case and now it's all in my mind? Or can I really have some kind of aversion to guac that causes me to instantly throw up??? Whatev.... I'm unwilling to take this experiment any further! Let the mystery live on, but guacamole... let the world know, you are dead to me!


Cortney @ said...

Hey, I so understand!! But of course I will not go into details but you can imagine. : )

taisleyred said...

oh E! How I love your blog!!! you have the best stories... new jersey is still way too far from ohio! One thing I didn't quite get... did that veggie wrap have guac on it? I guess it must have but I missed that in the details when I read that post.