Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This American house

Coming to live in America is complicated. Lots of new sights, sounds, smells and outfit options.
This week hit the point of no return for Quinn's hair. Unfortunately due to the mermaid head band that Olivia put on him, you can't get the full effect of the dreadfully long sideburns this kid was sporting, but trust me... they were there!

When Quinn arrived in our arms on Gothcha Day, the orphanage decided they would "help us out" by giving him a new haircut. It was a poorly done crew cut. And when you have a head this big, a crew cut is NOT necessarily a good idea! So *finally* after 7 weeks home, the hair on top of his head was ready for a trim (although the sideburns had been ready for weeks.)
This was the result. (Too bad I can't use the excuse of a mermaid headband for the bad shot of the hair. This one is just my poor photography skills!) He looks like a real American now. Not just some Chinese kid wearing cute Gymboree clothes.

But this cute cut did not come without some blood sweat and tears in the form of a good 'ole marital spat. Steve didn't understand why we couldn't just "take him to a barber."
Why? So he could come out looking like he just got his hair cut at a Chinese orphanage?

Okay, that makes me sound prejudice against Barbers (or Chinese orphanages). Maybe I am, to both! All I know is, this kid's hair was B.A.D. and he needed a stylist to work some magic. So, I took him over to my rock star kid hair cutter, Mandy, and she worked it! He only cried a minute when the electric sheers hit his neck (probably a flash back to the orphanage haircut nightmare... poor kid!) And we celebrated his new American look by an all-American lunch from McDonald's.
Here are his brother and sister celebrating the new look as well. Can't you just read the enthusiasm on their faces?! At least they scored some cheeseburgers and french fries out of the deal too!

All for one and one for all around here. That's pretty much our motto.

As for me, I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis yesterday. Got myself a "Z-pack" and ANOTHER $25 gift card to CVS. I'm feeling about 75% better today, which puts a whole lotta things in perspective.
When mama ain't feelin good, ain't nobody feelin good! Can I get an amen?!


Colleen said...

Amen! Glad you're feeling somewhat better! It is so hard to get better from an illness when you're the full-time Mommy.

jenny from mommin' it up! said...

tonsilitis! geeez! Quinn looks adorable. And Turner is looking so grown-up! I am sick too, (so isBobby!)but alas, no fancy diagnosis for me. Just some amoxicillin and the advice to take hot showers and gargle. I need a new dr.! :) Sorry you were down & out this week.