Friday, September 25, 2009

Something to smile about

Life has finally taken a turn for the better this week. I have to say, being healthy can really change your perspective on just about everything. 'Cuz my kid is still wailing in his bed when he's suppose to be sleeping right now. Olivia came home from school and was every one's worst nightmare. Turner still walks by Quinn and slaps him upside the head just for fun. The dog ate the newspaper for no apparent reason this afternoon. It's time to wash the slip cover, AGAIN. But I am smiling. I am chipper. I have hope.

Maybe it takes a few days of being so sick and so tired that you wish you could run away to make you appreciate your health and your family when you finally DO feel good.

Maybe its the date that Steve and I had last night to celebrate his birthday (which is tomorrow). We got a babysitter and went out BEFORE all the kids were tucked in for the night. (We hadn't dared such an event yet since Quinn came home.) And it went super smooth. Yessss... we're back! We had a tremendous dinner at Brio (I had the pan seared tuna that I would HIGHLY recommend) and ended our date at Kroger. But not just any Kroger. It's our new Kroger Freshfare, and Steve hadn't been there yet. So we had dessert on the samples set out for us at the bakery. We could have stayed longer; Survivor was being shown on the Plasma big-screen in the 'Cafe' there, but that would have been too lame, even for us!

Maybe its because I got to go to Zumba this morning. And I totally rocked it, if I do say so myself. (And I can only say that because none of you were there to actually see me!)

Maybe its because I got these super cute clogs from the Hanna Anderson catalogue in the mail today and I really love them.

Maybe its because I started reading Boundaries for Kids by Henry Cloud this week and I feel like I am gaining control over myself and my kids once again.

Maybe its because its Friday. And I love Friday. Especially a Friday that we are going to spend with some friends at a company picnic, which I usually hate, but since having kids, kinda actually look forward to.

Who knows what the real reason is for the spring in my step. I just thought I'd give you a few reasons for why I'm smiling today. I'd love to know what's making YOU smile today.


Lauren Kort said...

You girl girl!! So happy for you :)

Colleen said...

My husband is coming home today! He's been gone since Tuesday.

So glad things are going well! I may need to read that book you mentioned.

Lisa said...

E!!! great post! I'm so glad you're feeling good!!! let's talk soon.

I'm happy because yesterday I was finally obedient to something I felt the Lord wanted me to do and WOW!!! it's like relationship restored with Him... I think of Him again, and sing praise songs with joy and I mean the words. And I feel closer to Gary too! Amazing!