Sunday, September 6, 2009

Closing out summer

I LOVE holidays. All of 'em. From the big dogs like Christmas to the more forgettable ones like Labor Day (I say forgettable because I'm pretty sure it was just last year that I finally learned Memorial Day is in the Spring and Labor Day is in the fall... right?) But maybe what I love most of all are the 3 day weekends that come with holidays.

Although, I'm realizing that there really is no such thing as a holiday nor a 3 day weekend when you're a mom. Its really just another busy day. But at least Steve is home to share the load.

With Labor Day as the "unofficial end of summer" (isn't that the ugly stepchild of all holidays??) I find it to be a rather depressing holiday. But a good excuse for one last swim, one last picnic and one last funnel cake! (I'm hoping to make it to a festival this weekend and get me one, I hope you do to.)
But this year for us, Labor Day goes down in history books as the weekend Quinn got to meet Bebe and Paw. (Unfortunately, I don't actually have a picture of that event, but here are Bebe and Olivia posing in front of some mums at Giant Eagle because O said to me, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a picture of me with these flowers?" Nice, O!)
The visit couldn't have gone any better. Because of some health set backs for both of my parents, they have been unable to come and visit us since Quinn arrived from China. And we've been a bit reluctant to travel with him so early. Every "expert" says you shouldn't disrupt a newly adopted child's environment too soon. Once again, Quinn has gone against all expectations.
He did amazing!!! He jumped right in at Bebe and Paw's. I'd say he was a bit shy/nervous around the new people for a few hours. But as far as the house/toys, he acted like he'd been there a dozen times. As far as sleeping... like a champ. Honestly, this is one of the most adaptable kids I've ever met. God has really placed within him a security and a bond because he continues to go against all of the warnings. It was a super fun 2 days and honestly, I think we were all sad to leave. (We just wanted to do the 1 night as a test run. Next time, I think we'll stay for 2 nights.) It continues to amaze me how Quinn has fit into our family and I know that is not just "luck." God has placed the lonely in a family. And it is good.

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