Saturday, September 19, 2009

Toddlers and Tiaras...

Here we come! I know that I posted pics after last week's ballet class. And who knows, I just might post 'em EVERY weeks so be ready. I realized last week there were no close ups of my super star. So this is for all of you Olivia ballet fans (insert BeBe and Grandma here!)
I have to say, I could hardly resist this Old Navy sweater/jacket when I saw it at the consignment shop a month or so ago. It seemed like it would be forever until she would wear it. But this morning was chilly enough and it was so perfect for a ballet morning. She is just so super cute.
I don't get a lot out of her after class. She would demonstrate for me how they curtsy at the end of class. It was sweet, but I want more!!!
I had scheduled a phone date with my good friend Karen this morning during class (partially to keep me from peeping through the forbidden window). It was hard to see a handful of other moms bending in to catch a glimpse. But I used every ounce of self control (and mobile minutes) to keep my nosey self outta there. She's already asking when she gets to go back. I think she's hooked.

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