Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who'se the mom around here?

This week has been a bit chaotic around here. For someone who is a *tad bit* organizationally challenged and a *wee bit* fly by the seat of my pants, I require a surprisingly large bit of routine in my life to keep me sane. A holiday week detracts from that. As does a mildly out of whack 10 month old. Seems as though Turner has a touch of an intestinal something or other as the childcare workers at the Y had to pull me out of my spinning class yesterday (2 poopy diapers in less than 45 minutes) and after 5 minutes on the elliptical machine (and 5 minutes into A Baby Story on TLC by-the-way) for a poop blow out that caused some angst in the childcare room. We got him cleaned up and they let me finish my workout!!! By the time I showered up and picked him and Olivia up there had been 2 more poops and 1 waiting for me when we arrived home.

Are you kidding me, dude? Give a mama a break here. But for sure something is outta whack when he didn't touch lunch and refused drinking milk. He has no fever, a runny nose but seems to be playing just fine. Until lunch time. He's just whiny, snotty and a bit grumpy. He seems pretty fine if I hold him and snuggle him. Sure signs something is not right. These days he could care less if I hold him- he wants to be on the move.

Turner and O were playing in the kitchen at this Leap Frog music toy when all of a sudden he lost his balance, toppled over and hit his head pretty good on the tile kitchen floor (I would have suspected foul play from one older sister had I not been an eye-witness). I swooped him up, gave him a ton of kisses and hoped the ear popping screams would end soon (not nearly as loud as the screams that came from yesterday's bloody nose, but that's for a different entry.) As I was trying to console him, Olivia came running from the kitchen and said, "Shouldn't we pray for him, mom?"

Duh, prayer, I hadn't thought of that one! I immediately teared up. My soon to be 3 year old was pointing me back to Jesus. And I'll tell you, after this week, somebody sure needs to regardless of their age! Let's just say I've been operating on auto pilot and it hasn't been working out so great.

How sweet to have your daughter want to ask Jesus to help her little brother! She said, "I'll hold your hand." So I prayed for Turner and for myself and thanked God for such an amazingly sweet gift in the middle of a "poopy" day!

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Susie said...

I would have loved to drive with you to the party... but we head out tomorrow to be with Ben's mom b/c she just had surgery... Have fun. Let's get together soon!