Monday, November 17, 2008

creep o meter

Does anyone else find this image slightly disturbing? Just wondering.

I'm not sure if it's the very creepy smile on the guys' faces (particularly Matt's- the guy in the middle) or them all cozy on a light blue plaid couch, but for sure the hair on my arms rose just a wee bit as I was deleting pictures on my camera and thought this one to be blog worthy. (FYI, this picture was taken at dinner before our walk on the Underground Railroad the other week.) See previous post for the more profound part of the evening. Now that I'm blogging, you better know if there is an interesting picture to be taken- I'm gonna take it. Watch your backs, people, watch your backs!

1 comment:

bebe said...

will you stop at nothing? We all know that anyone or anything is vulnerable if your in the vicinity-----but your own husband and his two little friends? ---definitely over the top.