Monday, November 24, 2008

Let me introduce you...

to my new love~!
I promise that this is not just a simple ploy to entice the fine people at Hostess to dump a truckload of 100 Calorie pack cupcakes at my doorstep as a thank you for my huge endorsement of their product to my 26 readers!!! (although, if they did, who am I to stop them?)
Since joining Weight Watchers, I have been on a quest to feed my sweet tooth with delicious yet low cal treats. Early on I found these 100 calorie pack cupcakes (in chocolate) and LOVE them. If you know WW speak, finding out that they are only one point should be music to your ears. Three yummy cupcakes for only one point! (That means I could eat nine of them to equal a fun size Snickers bar... but I digress.)
Yesterday at the store I happened upon a new flavor- Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Creamy Filling. Yeah, baby, these are the bomb! I'm usually not a fan of fruity flavors (I'd take chocolate over strawberry any day) but even I need to switch up my routine now and then and thought I'd check it out. Well, I'm a believer! I may like them even better than the chocolate ones .
Anyhoo.... if you are in the market for a portion controlled treat, I HIGHLY recommend testing these out. If you've got any secret gems, let me know about 'em, I'd love to try!

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