Monday, November 17, 2008

cross your fingers.

Last week was an interesting adoption week. As we wait on our I-797C form (the final one to complete our dossier) I head from our social worker some discouraging news. She said that since April (when they re-vamped the system) there have been 1130 requests for this form (meaning there was an application, a home study and FBI fingerprints to be reviewed. If all checks out and no mistakes or discrepancies anywhere are found) you get the I-797C returned to you. The wait time on that is 90 days (or so they say.) Our social worker also told me that of those 1130 only 198 have been approved- the rest have been kicked back for changes OR they have yet to be reviewed.

Discouraging for sure. I'm fine to wait and I truly believe in God's timing. However, my fear is that after these 90 days, they'll discover that the now infamous (at least on this blog) China letter is not included, therefore, kicking it back to us, holding things up and delaying us perhaps another 90 days. Big bummer, because China expects us to have our dossier completed within 3 months of our referral (and the clock is ticking on that bad boy.)

So after hearing some other adoption stories and at the advice of a friend who "heard" (thanks Traci!) this may work: I contacted our Senator's office last Wednesday to see if there is any way his office can help expediate the process. Something that felt like a bit of a stretch for me. I am a total rule follower. I am also fearful of pestering or being a real pain in the arse! But then it occurred to me, if Steve and I are not fighting for Quinn, there is nobody else on this planet who will. That felt like motherly instincts kicking in for sure. If Turner or Olivia needed anything, you better believe Steve and I would turn our lives upside down to get it done.

I put a call into the office, they had us fill out a information release form and Steve faxed it in. Ellen, in Voinovich's office is hopefully contacting CIS to at least find out if we have all the info correct on our application. Pray that God will move a mountain this week. While it feels "unfair" for us to pursue cutting in line, it also feels unfair to just sit here while Quinn sits in an orphanage while he has a family waiting here for him. Looks like we're in for more of this wild adventure!

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Traci said...

I'm so glad that you guys decided to fight for Quinn. And even though we're waiting (not so patiently) for approval too, I totally think that families who have been matched with a child should be expedited with immigration. We're just trying to get in line to adopt. You guys actually have a kid out there waiting for you...and a pretty strict time line. Fight! Fight! Fight!

But I do understand the feeling like you're cutting thing. I sort of feel that way sometimes with being expedited. I can't really complain about the wait when most families are waiting 4-7 years...