Monday, November 17, 2008

Hell has frozen over!

How do I know? Because I actually got this coupon thing to work for me this weekend!
Please indulge me as I brag about my endeavor.
Thanks to my mom teaming up with me and sending me her coupons, I now have twice the opportunity to screw up. However, this weekend I scrounged up my coupons and headed off to Target where I knew I'd have some luck w/ some kick-butt Glade deals, but what I forgot was thanks to my wheeling and dealing there earlier in the week (Dunkin Doughnuts coffee was on sale and after buying 3, I got a $5 gift card as well as another transaction kicking me back yet another $5 gift card) I had $10 in Target gift cards. So I was able to buy all of this:
1Glade flame less candle
2Glade scented oil candles
3Glade scented oil refills
2Glade scented candles
1 pair of socks for O
1 box of 36 electrical outlet plugs
For $7. BUT WAIT---- I got another $5 Target gift card (I'm not exactly sure what for, but it most certainly had to do w/ the Glade products.) So really, I got all this stuff for $2 and some change. Hallelujah!
So, I'm ready for battle. But horror of horrors: we rolled in yesterday evening after being in Toledo for the weekend and as we went past our house I realized there was no Sunday paper waiting for us. "Steve, did you cancel our paper???" Panic! "Yeah." What the heck??? We weren't even out of town 48 hours and he cancelled the dang paper. So, I'm sure I'm gonna miss out on some kind of sweet deal. Let's keep an eye on this, I may be headed straight for an addiction to coupons. Thanks a lot, Jenny!


Mommin' It Up! said...

no problem! if you ever need extra coupons (what is Steve? The coupon Nazi? GEEZ!) let me know, I'll be your DEALER!! ;)

bebe said...

i now understand why jenny is your new best buddy. She is very funny and everyone knows that funny is #1 priority when you pick a friend