Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Move over Martha

There's a new girl in the kitchen!

It's dang cold here and although I'm not a fan of playing outside in the sweltering heat, it beats being couped up all winter. So, I've been trying to come up with some indoor activities. I think I just remembered how I came to find myself at Weight Watchers in the first place.

Olivia and I baked our first batch of cookies together. It was actually a ton of fun. She did great at putting the butter in the bowl, pouring flour in and watching the Kitchen Aide mix it all up. The whole while, she only licked her hands 1/2 dozen times and sneezed "near" the ingredients once. (Mental note, if you're ever offered dessert at my house and you come to find O has helped out, you may want to think twice.)

Her favorite part? Take a wild stab at it. Although it was fun having a baking buddy (my favorite thing to do at the holidays) I realized I'm not the only one who wants to lick the spoon. Motherhood- a daily choice to die to yourself (and steal a lick or two while your assistant isn't looking.)

What does Turner do while the girls do "woman's work?" What does any boy do? He banges pots and pans REALLY loud and breaks stuff. I figure as long as he's not actually in the oven, we're good to go.

One of these days he may even get to sample some fruits of the labor (then I figure any and all chances of me getting a lick off that spoon are gone.)
Oh, PS- thanks for leaving comments and letting me know you're reading this thing. That was really fun for me. Feel free to keep on checkin in!

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Mommin' It Up! said...

that 2nd picture of O is priceless!!